The Team Behind Castel Malawi Brands

Who makes “real” beer in Malawi? Wait, don’t answer that ….. Yet.

Which company has stood the test of time in the beverage industry?

Who distributes drinks that fun lovers have been enjoying for 50 years in Malawi, and beyond?

Castel Malawi Limited
Malawi’s flagship beverage manufacturer and distributor. Go to every corner of Malawi and chances are you’re going to see a few of their products. It wouldn’t be far-fetched to say that every child knows of SOBO Orange Squash or Cherry Plum and that everyone above the age of 18 has ever seen, or enjoyed either Quench Water, Castel Beer or Malawi Gin. This doesn’t happen by chance though – it’s the result of hard work and long hours by the different departments that make up the Castel Malawi workforce. From Production, Sales, Logistics, Distribution, Security and all the way to Marketing. 

Castel Malawi Marketing and Communications Team
The backbone of any business is a good idea that is turned into a superior offering by a team of people working together to exceed their customers’ expectations. Marketing is way more than just telling people about your products or services. You need to understand their needs so you can tailor your products/ services towards them and be able to effectively communicate to them why they should do business with you.

Castel Malawi’s Marketing and Communications team aims to create occasions and experiences that touch our souls. How does the organization get this done? What skills do the individual team members possess?

Hervé Milhade – Managing Director
A Global Executive with a proven track record of building organizations and delivering results in Food & Beverage industry, as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of several organizations in the Fast-Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) industry. He develops high performance teams and is the visionary behind Castel Malawi’s turn-around. Some of Hervé’s specialties include business and global functions turnaround, international mergers, and acquisitions.

Twikale Chirwa aka Twik – Head of Marketing
Twikale believes the “Taste of success” is enjoyed best when there’s teamwork, he has not worked a single day of his life because he sells “Probably the Best Brands in the World” and he’s proud of where he’s frombecause of “The spirit of Malawi.”

Prudence Chanthunya – Communications and External Relations Manager
Some call it a legacy – Prudence calls it commitment for almost 25 years. She always starts at the beginning and closes in on the detail, studying what is required, weaving together the stories, and customizing the solution. It MUST have a human touch, always. That’s how she feel about Castel Malawi’s brands..… they have the human touch and she’s proud to be part of the journey.

Chimpele Kelvin Tsamwa aka Superman – Digital Community Manager
A digital brand strategist that is waging a war on mediocrity in digital marketing. Usually stays creative but if he gets overwhelmed by the overkill of possibilities then he will probably stay home and dramatically enact the whole Les Miserable musical on his own. Chimpele likes writing, jogging (read: power walking), Malawi Vodka cocktails and karaoke.

Pachalo Stanley Chiyora – Category Manager (Alcoholic Beverages)
Obsessed with pushing creative boundaries to drive business growth, Stan is a communication savvy and a marketer who focuses on infusing brand with purpose, modernizing design and advertising and revolutionary brand development.

Shania Orpah Kuseka – Product Manager (Non – Alcoholic Beverages)
Tell her your idea and she will bring it to life! Shania is passionate about planning and execution and does not pass on a challenge with the aim to grow in a marketing world. She likes reading, blogging, and exploring new things and places.

Isaac Bukhu aka Books – Product Manager (Spirits)
Creativity is Messy and Isaac is creative. He loves to create new paths and develop new ways. A deep thinker and lover of nature, to him life is a show and the people in your life are the audience so put up the best show for them!  He stands by the motto Live, Love and Be Happy!

Pheona Saukila – Product Manager (Beers and Alcomix)
A seasoned marketer who has served in several organizations in FMCG with a steer on strategy and wins. She is somewhat obsessed with brands, very vibrant and loves teamwork. Her passion of marketing brands is beyond measure such that she eats and lives brands.

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