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What is that sweet feeling?

by Richard Harris Welcome back to the RV! Today, we are headed to Sydney Australia to speak with Dr. Richard Harris. Richard is a top vascular surgeon in Australia, as well as a writer. His debut novel is called Imagine. He sat

A Digital Nomad Journey

by Suzanne Casamento The RV is back on the road heading to the Green Mountains in Vermont to talk to Suzanne Casamento who is fresh off a two month stay in Bonaire in the Caribbean Netherlands. Suzanne is the author of the books

About Michael’s Journey To Today

by Michael SeaverMichael was raised in a West Michigan town of 2,500 residents. His grandfather started the family business, Seaver’s Lawn Service, Inc., in 1953 and Michael’s father, Jack, took over in 1987. From ages 12 through 24,

The Courage to Heal Your Pain Story

We all have a story. For many of us, it’s not a pretty one. It’s often one of abuse, self-loathing, feeling lost, alone, and angry. What happens when we keep re-reading our story in the background of our subconscious and conscious minds,

How to trust your intuition?

Do you know the difference between the voice of innate Wisdom and abject Fear? These are two very distinct voices that speak to us constantly and depending on which voice we listen to determines our outlook, outcomes, and actions

Awakened by Grace

Darlene West is the author of Awakened by Grace. Darlene attended Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. She has a degree in English and a minor in writing with the concentration in fiction, as well as a masters in Adult