The 4680 version of Model Y is back on the shelves in the United States, grasping two main lines of investment

The 4680 version of the Model Y being re-listed on Tesla’s US website for new orders is a significant milestone event in the production progress of the 4680 battery. The 4680 battery is a new technology direction for leading the power battery of new energy vehicles, possessing high capacity, high rate, and low cost characteristics. It is expected that the global demand for 4680 batteries will exceed 100 GWh by 2025, which is the year of mass production for the 4680 battery. The certainty of Tesla’s 4680 battery technology route continues to increase, and two investment themes should be considered: 

1) Tesla’s 4680 battery supply chain, and 

2) the domestic 4680 battery industry chain.

According to TeslaGX , the 4680 version of the Model Y being relisted on Tesla’s US website indicates that it is expected to enter a stable mass production stage. The new version of the Model Y, which was launched on April 7, 2023, is priced at $50,000 and has a four-wheel drive, EPA range of 279 miles, and zero to 60 mph acceleration time of 5.0 seconds. Based on the performance comparison of the new version of the Model Y’s range and acceleration, the 4680 battery is likely to be installed in this version of the Model Y. The reintroduction of the 4680 version of the Model Y for new orders on Tesla’s US website is another milestone event in the production progress of the 4680 battery, indicating that Tesla’s 4680 battery production capacity has reached the required level to meet new car orders.While some may consider the battery as a Tesla accessories but it is actually a critical component of the vehicle’s power system and is essential for its performance and range.

The 4680 battery, with a diameter of 46 mm and a height of 80 mm, was first introduced by Tesla at Battery Day in 2020. In addition to the size change, the 4680 battery incorporates numerous “black technologies,” which have high energy density, high charge and discharge power, and a 56% decrease in single kWh cost. From 1865 to 2170 and now to 4680, Tesla is once again leading the upgrade and replacement of cylindrical power batteries, and the 4680 battery is expected to become the next standard cylindrical power battery model. In addition to Tesla, the BMW Group has explicitly stated that it will use the 46 series large cylindrical battery on the new platform “Neue Klasse,” which will be launched in 2025; according to the National Intellectual Property Administration, XPeng has applied for patents related to large cylindrical batteries. According to The Elec, Hyundai Motor Group is also considering using large cylindrical batteries. The 4680 battery is expected to increase the market share of cylindrical batteries and open up market space.

According to Tesla’s plan, the 4680 battery began trial production in 2022, and in 2023, it will begin to increase production capacity and mass-produce it. High-nickel ternary 4680 batteries will be first installed on Model Y, Semi, Cybertruck, and other models. According to the BMW Group’s plan, the 46 series large cylindrical battery will be used on the new platform “Neue Klasse” in 2025. The bank predicts that more car companies will consider launching models using large cylindrical batteries in the future. Based on sales forecasts from various automakers, the bank predicts that global demand for 4680 batteries will exceed 100 GWh by 2025.

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