The Pink Virus Film Launches Finishing Campaign on Kickstarter: Documentary Explores the Existence of a Breast Cancer Virus and Roadblocks Thwarting a Preventative Vaccination Effort

The Pink Virus Film announces the launch of its Kickstarter crowdfunding push to raise $80,000 and finish production on this pioneering project. The film follows the harrowing stories of those afflicted with breast cancer, and that of internationally acclaimed breast surgeon Dr. Kathleen Ruddy, and her battle to bring awareness to the overwhelming and compelling evidence that a virus causes up to 94% of all breast cancer. 

A wealth of documented and peer-reviewed studies dating back 85 years shows that the same virus that causes breast cancer in mice, cats, dogs, and monkeys is also largely responsible for human breast cancer, yet politics, big pharma, and questionable ethics involving some of the most prominent breast cancer philanthropies in the world threaten to bury this groundbreaking work, while women are suffering every day at the global rate of 1 diagnosis every 20 seconds and one death every minute. As the world continues to be bombarded with pink ribbons and breast cancer awareness campaigns as part of a 20 BILLION DOLLAR industry of which only 2% goes toward the prevention of breast cancer, The Pink Virus begs everyone to ask why more isn’t being done to save lives by preventing the disease in the first place. 

“The Pink Virus” is a story that needs to be shared with the public. The time is now. If multiple vaccines for COVID-19 can be readily available only one year into the virus, why has it been nearly 100 years since the discovery of a breast cancer virus with no approved vaccine in sight?” says Stephen Zukerman, Director, The Pink Virus. 

Funds raised through the Kickstarter campaign will be used to finalize filming and for post-production. Final elements to be filmed include interviews with current breast cancer experts and researchers, dramatizations of key moments in the historical  battle surrounding breast cancer, Dr. Ruddy’s personal story, and that of the work of her colleagues. 

For more information, please visit The Pink Virus Kickstarter page to donate to the campaign, meet the creators and learn more about how this breakthrough project is helping to save lives. The Pink Virus Kickstarter Campaign

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