Harley Medic International: The UK’s Fastest Growing Medical Company

Harley Medic International has been disrupting the medical sector after its successful expansion into COVID-19 testing. The changes implemented under Operations Director Adonis Hakkim have provided testing facilities for millions of Britons, helping mainly with fit to fly covid tests and workplace covid testing.

The private tests are primarily PCR Tests and confirm that the traveller is COVID-19 negative and does not have the novel coronavirus when travelling. This has been implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19, especially with the emergence of new strains of the virus.

Harley Medic International has expanded its operations to cover the largest cities across the UK, with 50 sites across England, Scotland and Wales. The company offers next day, same day and a slower two-day service, with it having a 95% positive review rate. Its reviews make it one of the most reliable COVID-19 testing providers in the UK, reflecting the reliable service the company offers.

In recent months Harley Medic International has announced it will be launching two new services. The first is a set of private and express genetic and general tests. These private blood tests can be conducted at their clinics or through a postal sample that is sent to their address. You can simply request a specific test or fill out a quiz online to find the most suitable test for you. Popular testing services include testosterone testing, thyroid testing, liver function checks and female hormone testing among many others.

The aim of providing these new tests is to give people more control over their health, offering objective information and results based on blood analysis rather than subjective speculation. This enables the user to identify exactly what is going on in their body based on scientific analysis of their bloodbio-markers. Being marketed as the Uber of medical testing, by providing a one-stop-shop to healthcare, removing the wait times of the NHS and providing direct and accurate results.

According to their Operation Director Adonis Hakkim, the private blood tests are:

“We are launching these genetic testing kits to give people control of their health. No longer will people have to wait days to weeks to find the cause of their ailments, instead they can get tested within 24 hours, through a test kit sent to their house. This also removes the possibility of incorrect medical evaluation, as the results are purely based on what your blood is telling us. People now have the ability to control and best understand their bodies, we can tell them what foods suit them best, existing ailments and how to potentially prevent future illnesses based on their exact genetic make-up. This is a game-changer in the medical field and will re-write how the public looks at private healthcare.”

To find out more about Harley Medic Internationals private blood tests click here.

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