Interview with Sonia Marta

This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing the award-winning author, Sonia Marta. Sonia is truly an inspiration, and during our conversation, she shared exciting insights into her upcoming projects, including “The Pen to Paper Writing and Personal Brand Retreat.”

Hello Sonia, welcome to BrandEducation! What can you tell us about yourself?

I am a very intricate individual. I am intensely passionate about many things. I’m Sonia Marta – a leader, podcaster, student, writer, and more. I’m most likely the most captivated and creative person you’ve met. At the tender age of 10, I self-published my debut poetry collection, Oracol, which hit the shelves in 2018. This began my journey as a changemaker and an award-winning author. My story “The Rapping Astronaut” (2020) received high praise from teachers and the international community. I continued to enchant readers with “Bucharest City Tour, a Trip with Sonia”, published in the same year (2020). In 2023, I had the honour of co-authoring “Women Leading the Way” (2023), a collection spotlighting successful women, proudly launched at the London Book Fair (LBF23’).

My projects have propelled me to be the role model I aspire to be, enabling me to travel and address more than 3,500 children, students, and parents. I emphasise the value of self-improvement and education, inspiring youth to chase their dreams. This dedication to my mission gained recognition at the Women Changing the World Awards Gala (2023). I was honoured with the Silver award in the Young Women Changing the World category. It was a memorable trip as I had the chance to meet the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, Dr Terrerai Trent and Peace Mitchell at these events held in April 2023 in London. 

 Are you working on anything at present that you would like to share?

I am eager to announce The Pen to Paper Writing and Personal Branding Retreat, an exclusive literary adventure for authors, aspiring writers, and thought leaders keen to shape their voices and kickstart their branding journey. Guided by me, other industry experts, and inspiring guest speakers, this retreat promises to ignite our participants’ journey to becoming published authors, elevating their branding, and becoming a voice in their respective industries.

Who are the Speakers at the Pen to Paper Mallorca Retreat?

The Pen-to-Paper Writing and Personal Branding Retreat speakers are people close to me. I am happy to have you, Lucia Matuonto, an awarded book author, creative director at WorldAuthors.Org, founder, and top-rated host of The Relatable Voice Podcast and the new podcast ‘Catch The Story!’. Claudia Marta, my mother, is a book coach and senior director of marketing, PR, and events, who, besides helping me with my editorial projects, had other bestselling projects she orchestrated from initial idea to bestseller and further engaging communities and leaders worldwide. Among the various personal branding and writing workshops the speakers will hold, I will be holding one on personal branding, as since my first book was published, I became my social media manager. Hence, I deeply comprehend our digital footprints’ impact on the world and our careers. The retreat provides a unique opportunity to learn from skilled mentors and gain valuable insights into the literary world or personal branding.

Can you give more details about the agenda?

Since our retreat is in the summer, it will offer valuable content, relaxing moments, and opportunities to discover Mallorca. As I visited two years ago when my aunt used to live there, I can promise the location is tailored for all ages, is a great place to inspire both authors and offers stunning landscapes for creating an impactful personal branding kit.  

The first event on the agenda the night after landing is a welcoming cocktail dinner to allow participants to get to know each other, dance, have fun, and make plans for the upcoming days. I would love to see participants who are also published authors to learn from their experiences.

On the second day, the comprehensive daily workshops, held in the morning, will cover everything from generating ideas for a fiction or non-fiction book to building a writing community, from understanding traditional vs. self-publishing to making critical publishing decisions, and straightforward tactics and strategies to elevate participants’ executive presence with personal branding tools. 

The workshops are designed to cater to all genres and levels, ensuring that every participant has the opportunity to learn and grow.

After lunch, fun activities are booked, for instance, a sunset trip on the sea with the catamaran, a trip to the old town, and a relaxing afternoon.

Every day, our photographer will capture key moments and have 1 to 1 sessions with our participants to ensure they will have around 40 representative images of themselves to kick-start their branding and websites or launch a PR campaign with their services.

The last day will be dedicated to 1 to 1 sessions and goodbyes in the hopes that all participants will look forward to our next retreat and the next city it will be in.

It is essential to mention that all participants will have our support in the following months to help them achieve their objectives with their editorial or personal branding projects.

Who is it for?

The Pen-to-Paper Writing and Personal Branding Retreat suits a diverse audience, as we want to offer a unique and enriching experience for individuals between the ages of 15 and 50 at various stages of their literary or professional journey: 

Aspiring Writers: If you dream of becoming a published author, our retreat provides guidance and tools to turn your writing aspirations into reality. Whether you’re a teen, student, or passionate writer within the specified age range, our workshops cater to all genres and levels.

Published Authors: If you already published your book, this retreat is an opportunity to enhance your presence and global reach. Learn strategies and tactics to elevate your brand, connect with your audience, and mark your presence with your project online or offline. Learn with us to be bold and different. 

Thought Leaders and Professionals: Leaders seeking to amplify their executive presence and personal brand will find valuable insights in our comprehensive workshops. They will have the chance to refine their communication style, connect with like-minded professionals, and explore the intersection of storytelling and leadership.

Educators, Teachers, Parents: If you’re willing to work with your kids to create a children’s book, or you dream of sharing your story. I am where I am today thanks to the support from my parents, teachers, and entrepreneurs, who listened to my ideas and saw the spark, passion, and determination in my eyes. I am willing to have more people who have the opportunity to empower teens joining my sessions.

 What are the key dates, and how can people register?

The dates for the retreat are the 8th-12th of July 2024, aiming to book at the Meliá Calviá Beach 4-star hotel. For all details, interested participants can explore my website, the Retreat tab, and we encourage them to get in touch at 

I am so eager to have a holiday that will be dear to all of us and the turning point in our careers. I am looking forward to our first edition guests! Registrations are open until the end of March to ensure we plan for every detail for an unforgettable experience!

 Is there anything else you would like to add about your passions?

As I mentioned above, I am captivated by many fields and tasks. My interests lie in literature, acting, podcast production, listening to music, taking long walks at sunset in the park, orchestrating interactive sessions with the youth, reading and travelling. Every trip I take captivates and invigorates me; each destination exudes its distinct essence, offering myriad unique experiences waiting to be penned into narratives. Engaging all senses is imperative to fully embrace the essence of a locale – from its architectural marvels and cultural heritage to the pulse of its streets, the laughter of children, and the myriad of flavours in its cuisine.

My recent trip to Vienna, amidst the wintry embrace of January, was a delightful surprise, unveiling a rich tapestry of cultural vibrancy, notably in the youthful effervescence infusing the city’s concert halls. A highlight was a day spent amidst the splendour of Schönbrunn, a place of history and creativity, where imperial elegance intertwines with lush gardens and opulent architecture, sparking inspiration for storytelling as rich and layered as the city. Again, I take every opportunity to capture my spirit with a professional photo session that further builds on my personal brand, and, most importantly, on the message I want to send to the world, to other teens, and create long-lasting unforgettable memories. 

I want to create this together in Mallorca for us as a group and for each individual. 

Thank you for the opportunity to share my thoughts on this initiative with you, Lucia.

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