The Universe Code

World peace is possible – it’s in our hands. Karl de Leeuw, one of the world’s leading peace campaigners, has painstakingly and meticulously researched the world’s top five religions to bring you an extraordinary offering filled with

Hitch a ride with the RV!

The RV podcast is a good resource for any person in the writing world. Season two has just started to fill up with interested professionals who want to speak out. So many authors have been guests on this podcast, and we discuss topics

It is never too late to Start

Pat Backley is an author and mother to one beautiful daughter. She spent most of the first 59 years of her life in England, but then decided to become a Kiwi and now lives happily in New Zealand. After an exciting and colourful life,

An Adventurous Life

The Relatable Voice Podcast is happy to stop in Canada and talk to Sharon Bazant . Sharon is a retired teacher and is the author of the books Nine Years in Bangkok, lessons learned and Geckos & Guns: The Pakistan

Brian Rouff’s Indie Journey

By Brian Rouff Although I’ve written advertising and marketing materials my entire professional life, I didn’t start writing fiction until my mid-forties. I joked that it was how I handled my midlife crisis: safer than a Harley and

The Dyslexia Code

Today we are driving all the way to Ireland to talk to Karl the Leeuw. Karl is a researcher, book author and is here to talk about dyslexia. Dyslexia is very common and can create difficulty with skills like reading comprehension,

How to trust your intuition?

Do you know the difference between the voice of innate Wisdom and abject Fear? These are two very distinct voices that speak to us constantly and depending on which voice we listen to determines our outlook, outcomes, and actions