Jonathan Stoddard

I had the honor of interviewing Jonathan Stoddard for our magazine and Podcast The Relatable Voice. Jonathan Stoddard is an Award Winning actor, best known for his leading man Christmas Romcoms such “A Prince and Pauper Christmas” where he

Rocky Mountain Yoga

From an early age, Virginia Fox, born in 1978, has been fascinated with written texts in any shape or form. After soaking up countless books and writing various essays and short stories, she launched The Dragon Sisters Trilogy in German, a

Run Daughter, Run Father 

This book delves into the running and racing adventures of the author Mark Ryall and his daughter Stephanie. When she was just seven years old, Stephanie shows a keen interest in running. Realizing she cannot be held back, Mark gets

A Journey for More Freedom

“Sometimes I get questions on my most valuable core beliefs – or what is most important both in my personal and professional Life. My core values are Courage, Freedom and Love”, says Ulrika Karlsson, an international Author, Yoga