Kaylon Bruner Tran

Time Intertwined Mikayla Abiola’s life is a lie. A DNA analysis reveals a family secret that was never meant to be told and sets into motion a series of events that will impact multiple lives on two continents. Intertwined with

Autumn, Trees and Books

By Lucia Matuonto Last summer, we filled up the RV, checked our tires and went on a long road trip. We visited stunning beaches in Florida and California, mountains in Colorado, big cities like Athens and Toronto as well as a few little

David Medansky

Break the Chains of Dieting: 9 Fundamental Must Have Principles of Healthy Weight Loss Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet, Exercising, or Counting CaloriesFor less than you'd spend on a pizza, this book gives you the solution you've

Antonia Gavrihel

Back to One Catherine Leigh and Kyle Weston have the perfect friendship-deep, lasting, and platonic. Friendship without sex? The world of gossip doesn't buy it. You see, Catherine is beautiful, trusting, and married. Kyle is single,