Around the World at any Time

On today’s episode of the RV, we are in Ireland  to speak to Anouk Beale.  Anouk was born and raised in Amsterdam and have lived in different countries as France, The US , Saudi Arabia, Russia and Caribbean. Anouk was diagnosed with MS and

Sunset In La Paz

Zara Miller talks about her new book “Sunset in La Paz” on the Relatable Voice Podcast episode 28. Lady of Peace: The Forgotten Revolution The year was 1781 when the rebel army led a siege that rattled the colonial rule.

Baby Boomer’s Role Is to Mentor

I remember celebrating my father’s 60th. Birthday, and I did not say this out loud, but definitely thought “he is an old man”. But he lived close to another 3 decades and I am glad he did. His father (my grandfather) was not as lucky, and