Interview with Sanjiv Kumar Jha

Chief Data Scientist at Quantela & Data Science Strategists

What’s the story behind the data science career, why do you call yourself data science strategists?
Most of my career have been in data product development. While working at Komli media, head of data science resigned. Organisation thought that I am the best person to take over that role and hence my data science career started. I call myself data science strategists because of my experience and expertise in building great data science team, ability to conceptualise and setting the roadmap for the business to develop data science capabilities, having the vision to create work break down structure to achieve the roadmap and ability to mobilise the resource needed for execution of that roadmap.

Data Science is trending all these days, why is data science becoming so popular?
Modern businesses are churning data with the much faster rate. A million dollar question is what to do with this data and how to unlock its value, where the importance of data science come. Data science is a process of turning these data into actionable insight. Without the help of professionals who turn data into actionable insight the investment in data is nothing. Today more and more organisations are opening up their door to data and unlocking its power – increasing the value of data scientist and more and more professional learning data science.

How can data science help a business?
Scientific use of data is about gathering a large amount of data and then churned and categorised it based on the specific information that is needed. It can help business with better decisions, defining goals, identifying opportunities, classifying target audience or by choosing the right talent. It offers immense value to business if done right.

What is the role of a data scientist?
Data Scientist are the professional who develops data products which help deals with identification, representation and extraction of meaningful information from data which to be used for business purposes.

Finally, what advice do you have for aspiring data scientists?
There three main traits for aspiring data scientists –
1. Develop great data intuition means perceiving patterns where none are observable on the surface. It comes with experience and practice.
2. A data scientists need to have good domain knowledge. An aspiring data scientist need to have the know-how of the business process otherwise all those technical skills cannot be channelled productively.
3. Lastly, an aspiring data scientist need to have strong communication skills. A data scientist understands data better than anyone else however you should be able to successfully communicate understanding with someone who is a non-technical user of data.

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