Interview with Flying Sidharth

Happy Cancer Survivor

Tell us a bit about your personal brand “Flying Sidharth”?
FlyingSidharth as the name suggest is a way of expression showing the positivity towards life. The purpose is to tell everyone that cancer is not a dead end; I fought it and so can you. In addition, there is life after cancer and is definitely treatable if the medical intervention is done in a timely manner. Through the brand, I want to share some quick tips about awareness, precautions, symptoms for people fighting the same, even tips for the caregivers and the family members as to what should be done and avoided during and post the treatment. I believe people are able to connect more if a survivor shares his experience. I also want to give the message that it is not a stigma anymore and hence has been vocal about it from day one.

What’s the story behind Flying Sidharth, how did you choose this name?
One of the best compliments that I got from a running friend when I completed the full marathon post my lifesaving cancer surgery; was that Milkha Singh the India Gold Medallist at commonwealth games was called Flying Sikh, and you from now on will be called Flying Sid and since my running friends always call me by this name. Some of my friends call me FlyingSid and some FlyingSidharth. FlyingSidharth is all about each one of us who fought a battle and came out with flying colours.

What you usually talk during your speaking events?
It really depends on the event, but I always talk to people about the power of mind and positivity. I believe more than fighting cancer; we are fighting the fear of cancer. I also share my story from how being a marathon runner, I went back to running half and full marathon post an aggressive cancer treatment. Also, I am easily approachable, and hence I receive a lot of calls where people who are survivors, family members who like to ask a lot of queries. The events are the best way to connect since people get very inspired if they see a survivor leading a normal life. Also, it is very important to share that cancer patients don’t leave sympathy but empathy.

Are you speaking events only for cancer patients and survivors or can anyone attend it?
I am speaking on any event which is related to motivation and cancer. My primary focus is on cancer as of now but every battle needs positivity and a strong willpower. I really feel happy when people give my example saying this guy fought cancer and you are getting shattered with such a small thing . Everyone’s battle is difficult in their own way; the only thing that you need to give is a ray of hope and convince them that there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

What you think is the government doing enough to spread cancer awareness in India?
I would say the government is doing a bit, but it has to nationwide, and we as responsible citizens should also take the responsibility to spread awareness. The government should provide free scanning camps, tests, medicines, treatment and even should ensure generic medicines so that they are affordable by the common man. A lot of work still needs to be done, and the government should use different platforms to reach out to people since prevention is always better than cure and push people to adopt a healthy lifestyle

Are you running “You Can Fight Cancer” initiative alone or there are other people involved in it?
I am running alone as of now.


Sidharth Ghosh Official Website:

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