How to Make Marketing Work for You

Marketing is a tricky subject. The reason I say this is because there’s so much information out there, and it can be hard to know where to start. Marketing, well done, can greatly benefit you as a company or business. However marketing, well done for the wrong reasons will hurt you as a company or business. In order to make sure that your marketing efforts actually work for you instead of against you, here are some things that I try to keep in mind when I’m writing content.

First off: What do people want? Is this something they’ll read? Does it solve their problems? You see these questions all the time when people talk about writing content online and they’re very important questions not only for marketers but also for anyone who wants to create great content! Remember why people read what you write! The best way to do this is by asking them what they want from your blog post topic! This may sound like common sense but it’s important not just because of what we just talked about above but because if someone asked me “What would make my blog posts better?” I’d tell them that they should ask their readership what would help them out most rather than just assuming that everyone will love whatever topics we happen to be interested in! So ask away and see if anyone has any ideas on how we can improve our blog posts!

Next: How can we get others talking about us/our websites/our products/etc. The importance of finishing strong. This is a concept that I came up with this year, and it’s something I’ve been having a lot of fun with. The idea behind finishing strong is to have a goal for the end of your writing piece. For example, let’s say you wanted your readership to go out there and comment on other websites about how amazing your blog post was. You could create a call-to-action for the end of your post that says something like “If you found this article helpful, leave us some feedback below or tweet about us!”

That way, you’re doing two things: First, instead of asking someone to read all of an article (which as we know can be far too much work), we’re only asking them to do one thing: respond. Second we’re getting our name out there! It’s very easy for people who visit other blogs and websites to forget where they first heard about something because there are thousands upon thousands (maybe millions?) of blogs and websites out there nowadays! If they see our name on another website or blog post then maybe they’ll remember us better than if we just sent them directly from our site/blog/etc.

There are so many ways you can finish strong, and it’s a great option to have in your back pocket!

Next up: What do we want to say? It’s so important to be sure that you know what you’re writing about. It’s very easy for people to get distracted these days, which is why I’m going into this with a little bit of detail. You may have noticed that I used the word “you” a lot in the last two points. That was on purpose! I wanted to make sure that YOU know what YOU’RE writing about! When it comes time for me to write something, I spend hours staring at my computer screen trying to figure out what exactly is going on inside my head. At least twice during this process will usually result in me saying something like “Wait.

Isn’t that a wonderful sentence? It’s very important to be sure that you’ve spent enough time on what you’re writing about. If someone asked me what I’m working on, and I told them something like the above sentence, they’d probably laugh at me and ask “How is this supposed to be helpful?” This is why it’s so important to make sure you know what you’re writing about! You can’t expect people to help spread your work if no one knows what it’s about!

There are also many other things we could talk about when it comes to marketing, but these are some of the key points that I try and remember as a personal reminder whenever I’m writing anything online. Remember: The best way for your content/blog posts/etc. To help build your business or company is for them to motivate people into action! How will they do this? By solving their problems in such a way that they feel compelled (or at least inspired) go out there and tell others how great your stuff is! Make sure everything we write has a clear purpose, don’t just throw things out there without thinking first! Let me know if any of this makes sense or if anyone would like more information on any of the topics mentioned above?

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