Chris Level Breaks Two World Records in Infront Of Our Eyes

It is reported that Chris level broke a new global record by becoming the only sync artist and youngest sync composer to get mentioned over 5 months in under 1 month only after his debut. Chris level is a fairly upcoming sync composer and sync artist driving through the sync licensing industry and as above success is finding quick. Many analysts are concluding that he might as well be the next legend we might have especially if he decides to transition to more movie composing or doing some of it. He came ahead of the so-called Hans Zimmer who had only 4,896, these numbers are stated to include written word mentions of their names and other factors including circulation/traffic number of anything related to them, hashtag mentions, etc. 

Chris is very aware of how the business runs even only got into the business yesterday, he has great mentors including Kush Beatz and another top “sync producer” who guide him through the long path and long handle it takes to maintain relevance and stay in his newly-started career. This milestone is huge for a kid like Chris and very small for legends in the game, this speaks the truth especially when you count on Chris’s musical talent. With the help of one of the best producers in Rwanda kush Beatz and other major names, he will be okay for sure and he will stay to keep making the amazing soundtracks he can blossom like lose ma cool which is his first soundtrack, let’s continue waiting on more music and soundtracks from chris and can’t say no more than “happy milestone” for him from each of his fans or people who think it’s where the sync licensing industry is heading.

Chris’s milestone achievement is so far only achieved by him in the whole sync licensing industry. Although Hans Zimmer has broken that record many times, the thing that makes Chris achieving it fascinating it’s that he is the only youngest and new sync composer and sync artist to ever achieve this at age 18, and in under 1 month… two world records broken at the same time which also adds to the 2 records. The total number of records broken is three including the youngest sync artist and, the only sync artist and sync composer so far to break 2 records at the same time, which makes them three in under 1 month. It’s a bright future for Chris but not too far-fetched as he must also be ready to take on more opportunities and be able to break other records set by legends like Hans Zimmer to become a legend as well, let’s all say that it the first step for Chris and a big step for his career on the future to come ahead as he is doing all this alone for now due to his personal choices not that he doesn’t want to collab with partners to help him handle the business side of things.

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