What shows/movies to watch on Disney+ Hotstar?

Confused about what to watch on Disney+ Hotstar? Well! Don’t be as we’re sharing a list of best movies/shows to what on Disney+ Hotstar premium subscription.

So, are you ready to check the list out? Well! Here we go.

Ford Vs Ferrari

For the fans of speed and racing, Ford V/S Ferrari is your perfect dive into the world of classic cinema, fast-mean machines, and a real piece of historical events that will shake you to the core. The cinematic experience comes to life with the acting skills of Christian Bale and Matt Damon on the large. You need to have a paid subscription to Disney+ Hotstar for watching this as it is not available on the Free Hotstar subscription.


Wall-E is one of the best animated movies to see from the bunch of them all in the early 2000s. The story revolves around a waste collecting machine who falls in love with another robot (who’s way out of his league, Cliche!, right?).

The story transcends from being a comedy movie to a rom-com and ends with being a more series one where Wall-E has the fate of the world in his own hands. 

Planet of Apes Series

Plantes of Apes Trilogy might sound interesting to you if you like to see something unusual combined with intelligent and intriguing writing.

The planet of apes has three parts namely The Planet of Apes, The Rise of The Planet of Apes, The Dawn of The Planet of Apes.

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Avengers: Infinity War and  Avengers: End Game

If you haven’t watched the Avengers Trilogy then what are you doing on this planet earth? Stop living under a rock and go watch the first, second, and the last part of the Avengers movies as they mark the end of the Marvel Phase 1. We’re not gonna give a summary of this movie as if you know you know and if you don’t, it’s better to just go and watch.

The Incredibles 

The Incredibles series have two parts and both of them are equally entertaining.  A weird family of mutated individuals carrying superpowers turns into superheroes that save theearth. Sounds quite a cliche! But the story has a solid base to it and has a good first time and rewatch value.

If you want to watch the dubbed version then you can avail VIP subscription of Disney+Hotstar, otherwise for better quality and English audio change to premium as these movies is not available for Free Hotstar subscription.

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