Unwrap the sound of joy with the ultimate Philips Audio Range Gifting Guide for Christmas and New Year

Get ready to amplify the joy of the holiday season with Philips Audio Gifting Guide for Christmas and New Year. Whether you’re shopping for the music enthusiast, the movie buff, a party animal or the karaoke aficionado, the all-new Philips audio range consists of speakers that promise to transform any space into a sonic wonderland. From exceptional sound output to wireless microphones for karaoke fun, each speaker on this list is a gift that keeps on giving. These speakers are ready to keep the party going with a long-lasting battery life, and are perfect for outdoor celebrations, picnics, or impromptu dance sessions. The portability of these speakers ensures that the music doesn’t stop, no matter where the festivities take you.

Philips TAX5708

The Philips TAX5708 is a powerhouse of audio innovation designed to take your music experience to the next level. With its Dynamic Bass Boost (DBB) button, you have the freedom to choose from various bass presets, delivering a robust and powerful audio experience that makes the music thump with deep, resonant beats ensuring a fuller and more impactful sound. But the experience doesn’t stop there – get ready to ignite the party with captivating party light effects. The speaker boasts bars of colorful lights that groove in sync with the music’s rhythm. Choose from five distinctive lighting modes to tailor the ambiance to your preferred dance style, ensuring an immersive and exciting audio-visual experience. Additionally, the speaker allows you to record your voice and immerse yourself into the world of an elevated audio experience. And when it comes to convenience, the inclusion of a built-in carry handle and wheels takes portability to the next level, allowing for easy transport to a friend’s location or seamless adjustments at your own gathering. The speaker is priced at INR 38,990 and available on Amazon at Rs.27,070

Philips’s range of party speakers also include the TAX3206 and TAX5206 priced at INR 15,990/- and INR 21,990/- equipped with  top-notch features to add life to your year-end parties 

Link: www.amazon.in/Philips-Audio-TAX5708-Multipoint-Connectivity/dp/B0CLS9NDXR

Highlighting Features:

  • Dynamic Bass Boost
  • 400W sound output
  • Party light effects
  • Karaoke
  • Guitar Input
  • Recording functions

Philips Soundbar TAB4218

Packed with festive features, this soundbar comes with a subwoofer boasting 3 EQ modes, allowing your loved ones to tailor their audio experience to their unique preferences. With exceptional sound output at 120W, these speakers are expertly designed to elevate the enjoyment of favorite music, cinematic adventures, and all forms of entertainment during the festive season. As a versatile gift, the soundbar offers multiple connectivity options, including the optical and coaxial options, Aux in, Bluetooth for wireless pairing and direct playback from USB drives. The Optical and Coaxial In options further ensure compatibility with various digital audio sources, making this sound bar a comprehensive audio solution for the holiday season. The soundbar is priced at INR 13,490 and is available on Amazon at Rs.9,499

Philips also has a wide range of other soundbars equipped with the best-in-class 490 features for an immersive audio experience at a starting price of INR 9,9690 going up to INR 52,990/-

Link: www.amazon.in/Philips-Audio-TAB4218-94-Multi-Connectivity/dp/B0CM3W96H5

Highlighting Features:

  • Powerful Subwoofer
  • 3 EQ modes
  • 2.1 Channel
  • 120W sound output
  • Multiple Connectivity Options

Philips Tower Speaker SPA9085

Make this holiday season unforgettable with the gift of immersive audio entertainment – the new Philips Tower Speakers SPA9085. This speaker redefines the sound experience, delivering an exceptional output of 100W that captivates with unparalleled clarity and depth. Perfect for music, movies, and all forms of entertainment, this speaker elevates the joy of the season. A standout feature is the inclusion of a robust wireless microphone, specially designed for Karaoke enthusiasts, adding a dynamic and interactive dimension to home entertainment. The tower speaker also offers a plethora of connectivity options, from Bluetooth for wireless streaming to USB playback, FM radio, optical connectivity and multiple input ports for microphones, laptops, and more. Moreover, this tower speaker features a wooden frame, enhancing the overall acoustic experience by providing a more resonant and immersive sound quality. The speaker is priced at INR 19,990 and is available on Amazon at Rs.15,499.

Link: www.amazon.in/Philips-Audio-SPA9085-Multimedia-Multi-Connectivity/dp/B0CJJM6DB7

Highlighting Features:

  • Impressive 100W sound output
  • 8-inch woofer
  • Wireless microphone for Karaoke
  • Multiple Connectivity Options

Philips Tower Speaker SPA9125

Redefining the audio experience, newly launched Philips Tower Speaker SPA9125, an ideal gift for your loved ones. The speaker boasts an impressive 130W output that mesmerizes with unprecedented clarity and depth. Tailored for music, movies, and various forms of entertainment, it enhances the festive spirit. A standout aspect is the inclusion of a sturdy wireless microphone, designed specifically for Karaoke enthusiasts, adding a lively and engaging dimension to home entertainment. The tower speaker offers a myriad of connectivity options, from Bluetooth for seamless wireless streaming to USB playback, FM radio, optical connectivity, and multiple input ports for microphones, laptops, and more. Additionally, its wooden frame contributes to an enriched acoustic experience, delivering a resonant and immersive sound quality. Elevate your audio experience with this exceptional speaker during this joyful season priced at INR 28,990.

Link: www.amazon.in/Philips-Audio-SPA9125-Multimedia-Multi-Connectivity/dp/B0CJJ316TY

Highlighting Features:

  • Impressive sound output of 130W
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 10-inch woofer
  • Wireless microphone for Karaoke
  • A wooden frame to improve the acoustic experience.

Philips Tower Speaker SPA9160

Elevating the audio landscape with its exceptional features, the newly released Philips Tower Speaker SPA9160 makes for an ideal gift this season. speaker sets a new standard with a remarkable 160W output that delivers unparalleled clarity and depth. Tailored for diverse entertainment, including music and movies, it enhances the festive ambiance. Noteworthy is the inclusion of a robust wireless microphone, finely tuned for Karaoke enthusiasts, injecting an engaging and dynamic element into home entertainment. This tower speaker stands out with its versatile connectivity options, spanning from Bluetooth for seamless wireless streaming to USB playback, FM radio, optical connectivity, and multiple input ports for microphones, laptops, and more.

Continuing the trend of excellence, the SPA9160 surpasses its predecessors with an even more powerful bass and enhanced sound output, ensuring an immersive and superior audio experience. The wooden frame further enhances the overall acoustic quality, providing a resonant and captivating sound. The speaker is priced at INR 30,990.

Philips’ Tower speakers provide audio in its highest quality which is a perfect add on to the home entertainment system. The range starts from INR 13,990/- and goes up to INR 30,990/-

Link: www.philips.co.in/c-p/SPA9160_94/tower-speaker

Highlighting Features:

  • Sound output of 160W
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • 10-inch woofer
  • Wireless microphone for Karaoke
  • Wooden frame with elegant matte finish

Philips Multimedia Speaker SPA8170B

Transform the holiday gifting experience with the perfect present for audio enthusiasts Philips multimedia speaker SPA8170B delivering a remarkable 100W sound output via a 4.1 channel. Gift recipients will immerse themselves in exceptional audio encounters, from the subtlest notes to the most thunderous beats, all with unmatched clarity and depth. To elevate the entertainment, it comes with a 6.5” subwoofer, ensuring a richer dimension to movies, music, and more. It has an array of connectivity options, including Bluetooth for seamless wireless pairing, USB for direct playback, Optical In for digital audio input, and Aux In for connecting various devices. The versatility of this speaker ensures that one will effortlessly enjoy content from different sources, making it the ultimate holiday gift for an immersive and joyous audio experience. The speaker is priced at INR 9,490.

Philips’ wide range of multimedia speakers are equipped with premium features to provide superior sound experience to all users. Starting from INR 4,990/- and going up to INR 13,490/-, the multimedia speakers are perfect for playing games, watching movies and indulging in a refreshing audio session!

Link: www.amazon.in/Philips-Audio-SPA8170B-Multimedia-MultiConnectivity/dp/B0CM3T19L2

Highlighting Feature:

  • 6.5-inch Subwoofer
  • 4.1 Channel Audio output
  • Multiple connectivity options
  • Rich Bass
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