Rehan Majeed – Emerging Entrepreneur

Rehan Majeed is an energetic and talented businessman from Florida. He has proven his mettle in the trading industry at a very young age.

He is recognized in the business world as an adept trader. Rehan gained remarkable familiarization and expertise in trading foreign currency and crypto-based assets in his very early years.

Starting small, he polished his trading skills and kept on practicing solo trading until he was ready to embark on a bigger journey with more challenges.

Today, he is renowned in the industry as a profound entrepreneur. He successfully runs his own trading group called Edge Capital Group. His venture deals in the trading of stock, forex, and different types of cryptocurrencies. 

Ambitious to achieve much more, Rehan now aspires to diversify his focus. He is exploring new opportunities and markets and wants to expand his business endeavors into new domains.

With digitalization at its peak and the eCommerce business booming all across the world, Rehan foresees a very promising potential in this powerful sector.

He is working on various business projects to enter the dynamic and attractive industry of eCommerce.

Focused on building innovative tools that strengthen eCommerce activities and operations, he wants to introduce the world to new technologies.

He is working on products, services, and digital agencies that are aimed to provide advanced solutions to their users. Rehan is aiming to build his own reputable brand in this new field by the end of 2021 and the start of 2022.

His vision is to grow exponentially, by mitigating the risks and broadening his skill set. He wants to achieve diversified success to keep pace with the evolving business sector of the world.

Rehan understands the unavoidable dynamism associated with doing business and believes that success lies in adapting to emerging trends and transforming your practices accordingly.

Rehan’s aggressive and insightful push into the eCommerce space is a clear reflection of his overall vision to diversify and grow.

With the success of Edge Capital Group in the trading industry, Rehan is now all set to start a new chapter in his life as an entrepreneur.

Business Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Every successful business starts with an idea. It is the passion to make that idea a reality that drives you to succeed. Do what one loves as working doesn’t feel forced and ideas come more naturally. 

Passion inculcates the dedication and determination needed to make your business work, no matter how hard the journey is. If you are not passionate about your goals, you will not work hard for them.

The key is to remain perseverant about your dreams. Even if you face difficulties, challenges and delays, do not let them kill the spark that ignites inside you. Perseverance for an entrepreneur is essential no matter what target you aspire to achieve.

Risks and downfalls are part of the entrepreneurial process. Do not get intimidated by risks. Take advantage of calculated risks and mitigate those that you feel are fatal.

After all high risks promise higher returns. 

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