Interview with Beatrice Adenodi

Hello Beatrice, you wrote about your tough transitional phase that led you to write your book; can you tell us more about that? 

During the birth of Mindless Behaviors, I was in a rough place. I was working 90 hours a week, running a business, with aging parents needing more assistance, demanding friendships, and my imitate relationships went down the toilet. I realized that I wasn’t living the life that I wanted but something that I was working against. My back was against the wall, and I didn’t know where to go but within. I needed to know what happened to me to get to this point of living my life that I could no longer see myself being part of. I wanted to know my way, so I allowed my life to fall apart to become what it is starting to morph into now. 

What has been your drive in creating this social experiential platform? 

What drives me is that the human experience is dying. We are not having conversations that touch the soul. Most of how we communicate is so surface level that we never go deep into who a person is and how they show up to their community and even themselves. People work on autopilot, trying to survive from one moment to the next. There is no present; the past only lives on how we have done one thing. The social experiential platform resurrects the human experience, breaks the cycle of reactivity, and provides people another perspective of viewing their lives and how they show up for themselves and those around them. The unawareness of how our behaviors impact our lives, which are very micro, keeps me up at night yearning to do more and be more for myself and the people I serve. 

How critical is self-awareness for every individual? 

Self-awareness is the key to having a quality of life beyond our dreams. It stops the extreme trauma, violence, and unhealthy behavior patterns we see play out in the world. It holds each person accountable, knowing they have a responsibility to themselves and the people around them. 

What can your audience and readers expect to gain from your book “Mindless Behaviors: Breaking Through Unseen Barriers”? 

The readers gain the ability to become better problem solvers and have meaningful conversations that are reflective of their environment. The change I would like to see is the audience questioning their perceptions of how one lives and beginning to become open in learning to have the uncomfortable conversations not usually vocalized. 

Can you tell us more about Mirror Ink? 

Mirror Ink is a business consulting firm specializing in strategic planning and logistics. We help our clients become better problem solvers by moving them from reactive to reflective within their business strategies. We offer business consulting, education, strategies, and planning services. 

Are any books coming out? 

An Audiobook from Mindless Behaviors is coming soon. 

Find out more on the Mindless Behaviors website

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