Fills most voids – CRED Ad Cast

CRED has recently launched a new advertisement on social media, starring a veteran superstar. In the advertisement, it can be seen that a female model introduces herself and says that being an actor is easy, but being herself is not easy at all. Then, she starts asking questions like ‘Who am I’ and ‘What’s my purpose’ to herself when someone informs her that’s for a CRED ad.


Fills most voids – CRED Ad Cast

Female Model
Zeenat Aman (Instagram @thezeenataman)

Product/Campaign Description
Mount Everest isn’t the toughest peak to ascend. Maslow’s pyramid is. And that’s an ascent everyone in the world attempts. If it’s any consolation, the ascent itself is enlightening. Some truths become very clear: – Unlike what your favourite rapper claims, money isn’t everything. – The simplest questions require the most profound answers. – Time spent doing things well, is time spent well. There’s more that you’ll find out for yourself. But the important thing to ensure is that the journey itself is rewarding. So if you’re a CRED member, congratulations. You’re one step closer there than others.

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