Darshae Kiér Unveils His New EP, “Gone.”

Darshae Kiér, a Miami-based pop musician, has released his latest EP, titled “Gone.” The 19-minute production features six tracks and is packed with gorgeous music, soulful lyricism, and Darshae Kiér’s lovely voice, which is certain to win new fans worldwide. The EP begins with “Soldja,” a reflective piece that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the record. Listeners will become engrossed in the music as the Soundtrack progresses. “Gone” is one of those projects that instantly finds a home in the hearts of music enthusiasts. The musician aspires to “be the movement,” as his Instagram bio states, and hopes to inspire others to pursue their passions. Darshae Kiér is sure to succeed in the industry. Along with being a completely realized prophecy for a new year, a revived voice, an innovative sense of humor, and an elevated attitude, his latest project, “Gone,” depicts a resigned position of screwing the safe and screaming to the world, “IT’S MY TIME!”

Darshae Kiér is known for his unique singing style and has always been passionate about creating music and motivating listeners never to give up. Aside from releasing terrific singles, the singer has also given cover music to “Sunflower,” a song by Post Malone. Darshae Kiér music was born with a community of thousands of people who are constantly pushing the boundaries of Darshaemania. Darshae Kiér music is characterized by an uncharacteristic voice of new-age Pop & R&B and dynamic fluency. Music is his lifeblood, having grown up in a foster care system where stories painted his picture of the world. In the midst of repeated loss, he found inspiration in artists ranging from Boyz II Men to Usher, who performed R&B and Pop music. Darshae Kiér was drawn to singers ranging from Justin Bieber to Niall Horan, Lady Gaga to Rihanna, and Shawn Mendez to Ed Sheeran, as he believes that each singer has a distinct vocal style. He shares, “The most dynamic person in the crowd is the one who feels chills 100 rows back and believes they are center stage.”

“Gone” is now available on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify. Follow Darshae Kiér on his Instagram handle for more details on his upcoming music.

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