Bookbag Boonie Upcoming Boston Artist

Upcoming artist Bookbag Boonie is rising to fame, Boonie got started with his music career at the early age of 12. “I got started doing music when my older cousin DeeJay came up to live with me from Philly . I was like 12 years old he found one of my notebooks that had poems in them.” Book Bag Boonie is from Dorchester this is a dangerous part of boston. “The media promotes Hospitals and The good schools but they don’t talk how bad certain parts of my city is So I try to speak it threw my music”

Bookbag Boonie is a very versatile artist. Boonie expresses his life through music. “I’m very versatile with my music , I express more of my life and Shit I go threw . And hopefully people relate to what I’m saying & if they don’t got a voice to express how they feel I express it for them.” says Boonie.

Growing up, Boonie did not have it easy. Losing a close friend at a young age due to gun violence from witnessing murders in the dangerous streets of boston. Boonie vents through the microphone and listens to all genres of music.

Boonie has built a reputation within his state of Boston “My studio Engineer at Ugly Duck Recording Studios said I might be the Best All Around Artist in Boston , MA far as being able to get on any type of song and Kill it”. Boonie plans to continue to network and grow as an independent artist. ”

I’m always working my Producers everyday we on the phone for hours creating with HUSTLERR whos from Atlanta and who executive produced my upcoming Project Purple Hearts with SD Beats who I grew up with” Says Boonie.

Bookbag Boonie plans to drop “Purple Heart” just next month, in April 2022. There is no specific date as of this time. Boonie currently has 2 projects and 3 eps out on all platforms. Be sure to go check them out now!

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