“Carpooling with The RV”

This October, The Relatable Voice (The RV) is starting a new weekly series airing on Saturdays called “Carpooling with The RV”.

Every week on Carpooling with the RV, the episode will be dedicated to one specific and relatable topic: education, physical and mental health, grief, immigration, history, etc. Each episode will have two to three experts all relating to said specific topic. They will offer different perspectives and information about the subject, but it will also allow listeners to dive deeper and learn more.

The RV was born in February 2021 at the peak of lockdown. Lucia Matuonto came up with the idea of a podcast as a way to connect with others from around the world. Lucia has always believed in the value of relating to each other and the power of knowledge. The RV podcast features international guests so they can share their stories that we can all learn from. Having always wanted to go on a roadtrip in an RV, this program allows us all to go on a virtual trip so we can meet people along the way. The RV has already featured many guests to discuss a variety of topics such as cancer, dynamic meditation, the environment, drug abuse and more. With fifty-five episodes, the RV gives us the socially distanced roadtrip we have all been needing minus the traffic and speed bumps.

If you want to hitch a ride with The RV, make sure to follow it on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and find them on Instagram to keep up with their latest news. If you like what you hear, don’t forget to give it a rating. Safe travels!


instagram: @the_relatable_voice

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