Gaurav Gulati – Personal Branding & Brand Engagement Pioneer

Brand engagement is an essential strategy to connect with your customers through rational and emotional communication. When brands go beyond showing their products and services, they engage with people through interactive marketing, storytelling and holistic experiences. 

Researches reveal that just 4% of digital brands advertising gets more than 2 seconds of attention. This is a horrible return on investment, and there are very few people in the industry who understand the value of brand engagement. 

Gaurav Gulati is the pioneer of brand engagement globally, and he is an expert in bridging the gap between business and customers. Gulati is an expert in boosting brand engagement through innovation, creativity andtechnology, by identifying the brand challenges and providing meaningful insights to meet your business objectives.

Gulati is also the author of the Brand Engagement BookThe Power of Brand Engagement“. The book is a quick guide to winning customers. It aims to help you tackle your brand engagement hurdles and finally take your brand to the next level. With detailed explanations of how and why brand engagement is crucial to long-term success and dozens of proven methods to setting yourself apart from your competitors, this guide helps you get from A to Z with ease.

Gulati innovative approach has been featured in various media stories and blogs and earned him the titles like “Asia’s Leading Personal Branding & Engagement Consultant” and “Brand Awareness Guru.” Now, with nearly 15 people in his team, he spends his time consulting, speaking with clients, and traveling the world speaking and networking.

But, it was never a cakewalk for Gaurav to become who he is today. Born in Ambala on May 20, 1982, Gaurav Gulati hails from a family which has been in the railway catering business for 103 years. His great grandfather got the contract directly from the British rulers. 

His grandfather did his education from England, and he had two masters’ degrees, one in Political Science and another in English. Following his path, Gaurav also went to England to pursue his Post Graduation in International Management from the University of the West of England, after completing his Bachelors of Business Administration & Hotel Management from an esteemed institute. He also holds an MBA in Marketing. 

Gulati has studied Brand Management at the University of London and Personal Branding from the University of Virginia. The man holds countless national and international certifications and degrees. Gaurav is a Certified Six Sigma Black Belt and Project Management Professional.

He ran multiple businesses, such as restaurants, book café, software and hardware distribution etc. He even worked with renowned brands, like KFC, Subway, Mc Donald’s, Allianz, AXA PPP etc. 

Gaurav was always inclined towards Branding; he wanted to do things related to brand awareness and branding. He tried more than ten businesses, out of which he failed in 6 businesses. He kept trying and failing until 2010. But that was not the end to his story. It was the beginning of Personal Branding & Brand Engagement Consulting.

Gaurav learned a lot in his life, but he never learned to give up. He knew that he was born to make a difference. He is excellent at making lemonade when life gives lemon. From every failure, he learned a lesson. 

In 2010, he officially started his Personal Branding Studio and Brand Engagement Studio in both England and India. Gaurav’s natural inclination toward personal branding, brand awareness, and brand engagement led him to develop into one of the world’s most well-known thought leaders. Today, he helps individuals and businesses showcase their talent and build head-turning brands.

G Gulati has helped countless firms, fortune 500 companies, and individuals worldwide, including many artists, entrepreneurs, professionals, CEOs, politicians, and celebrities, among others, to build a head-turning brand.

Speaking about his life’s journey, Gaurav Gulati says, “Don’t rush the process.” He says, “One has to travel the journey in order to taste the fruit of success. There is no shortcut to success. No matter how many times you fail, you can always succeed if you trust the process.” 

We also asked Gaurav Gulati about others copying his title of “Personal Branding & Brand Engagement Expert” what he got to say about it. 

 He says, “Clients and everyone is too smart to understand who copied it; I am a 38-year-old man with almost two decades of experience and authored the book on brand engagement when people even didn’t understand what brand engagement even means.” 

He further says, “My failures never failed me; they were the stepping stones to success. If I have learned something genuinely, it is from my failures only. More than what I should do, I learned what I should not do. I never tried to copy anybody else’s journey, and never should you do that.” 

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