Charlie and the Tire Swing: How it Began 

Charlie and the Tire Swing is a beautiful intergenerational story told from the perspective of Charlie and his Grandpa Jack. Over a cup of hot chocolate, Charlie’s grandfather tells the story of how he planted an acorn with his own grandfather, Charlie’s Great-Great Grandpa George, and how he tenderly cared for it and watched it grow, from one season to the next. He shares that over the years, as the acorn grew into a mighty oak tree, how each generation enjoyed the shade of the tree, climbing it, reading under it, and gathering together as a family around it. It’s a story of growing strong family ties, of sharing stories from generation to generation, and of appreciating nature, and the simple things in life, like swinging on a tire swing.

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About the Author

Diann Floyd Boehm is an award-winning international author. Diann writes children’s books and young historical fiction adult books. In addition, Diann writes books to inspire kids to be kind, like themselves, peace, and to “Embrace Imagination”. You can find all her books on Amazon.

Diann does speaking engagements, book signings as well as author visitations. Her creative flair encompasses the performing arts and performing in musical theatre productions in Dubai produced by Popular Productions out of the UK. In addition, Diann enjoys making guest appearances on various live streaming shows. Diann is the cohost with Dr. Jacalyn on her USA Global TV and Radio™®.

Diann was born to the parents of George and Mabel Floyd in Tulsa, OK, but grew up in Texas with her five brothers. She has traveled extensively to many parts of the world and lived in Dubai for 14 years, where her husband worked for the American Law Firm Norton Rose Fulbright for 14 years. She has a Bachelor of Education from George Mason University in Fairfax, VA, and her kindergarten certification from The University of Texas @ Austin. Diann has taught in the classroom overseas as well as stateside.

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