The BookFest Adventure

If you like books and meeting new friends, you’re in luck. The BookFest Spring 2022 takes place on April 2nd and 3rd. The BookFest streams online and is an always free-to-attend two-day event. Day one is dedicated to readers, while

Hitch a ride with the RV!

The RV podcast is a good resource for any person in the writing world. Season two has just started to fill up with interested professionals who want to speak out. So many authors have been guests on this podcast, and we discuss topics

“Carpooling with The RV”

This October, The Relatable Voice (The RV) is starting a new weekly series airing on Saturdays called “Carpooling with The RV”. Every week on Carpooling with the RV, the episode will be dedicated to one specific and relatable topic:

The RV Book Fair 2022

In the beginning it was only a dream, and then it became a long virtual journey. During this road trip I have met amazing people, who like me, wanted to show their masterpieces, talk about books, inspirations and experiences. It allowed