Mark Ryall is the Author of the Week

I am delighted to have the author Mark Ryall back . A former math and economics teacher, Mark is a published author. This time, he is joining us with his daughter Stephanie, who is currently a medical student. His newest book, Run

The RV is here to stay!

Traveling has become so expensive these days, but The Relatable Voice podcast has allowed us to hit the road without any airline fees. The RV has published 250 episodes. That’s 250 rides and 250 conversations led by Lucia

I Can Do New Things

by Judith Kambia Obatusa I believe that life is too short to live scared, I say that now with all assurance after living through a pandemic and battling anxiety for close to two years. It was a battle indeed but one from which my life

Autumn, Trees and Books

By Lucia Matuonto Last summer, we filled up the RV, checked our tires and went on a long road trip. We visited stunning beaches in Florida and California, mountains in Colorado, big cities like Athens and Toronto as well as a few little