Virat Kohli’s Switch from Puma to Agilitas Sports

Indian cricketing legend Virat Kohli is set to bid adieu to his longstanding partnership with Puma India and embark on a new journey as the brand ambassador of Agilitas Sports, a burgeoning sports company founded by former Puma India Managing Director Abhishek Ganguly. This move marks the end of an era and signals the dawn of a new chapter in the Indian sports industry.

The news, which surfaced via a CNBC TV18 report, sent shockwaves across the sports fraternity, as Virat Kohli’s association with Puma India has been synonymous with success and prestige since its inception in 2017. The ₹110 crore deal struck between Kohli and Puma India was hailed as a landmark moment in Indian sports marketing, catapulting Kohli into the league of global sporting icons endorsed by the renowned brand.

“It’s a privilege to be part of a great list of athletes that Puma has,” Kohli had expressed after signing the deal in February 2017, referencing legendary figures like Usain Bolt, Pele, Maradona, and Thierry Henry who had graced the brand’s roster over the years.

However, as Kohli’s journey with Puma draws to a close, a new chapter beckons with Agilitas Sports, a company founded by none other than Abhishek Ganguly, who played a pivotal role in Kohli’s association with Puma during his tenure as Managing Director. With Virat Kohli set to not only endorse but also hold stakes in Agilitas Sports, the partnership promises to be a game-changer in the sports industry landscape.

Abhishek Ganguly’s vision for Agilitas Sports has already begun to materialize, with the company witnessing exponential growth since its inception in May 2023. The recent infusion of ₹100 crore funding from Nexus Venture Partners underscores the company’s rising influence and potential within the sports industry.

In a conversation with Mint, Ganguly outlined Agilitas Sports’ ambitious plans, including bolstering manufacturing capabilities and launching new sportswear brands through strategic acquisitions or partnerships. With a keen focus on catering to the diverse spectrum of Indian consumers interested in sports footwear and apparel, Agilitas Sports aims to carve a niche for itself in the competitive sports retailing landscape.

As Virat Kohli embarks on this new journey with Agilitas Sports, he brings with him not only his unmatched cricketing prowess but also his status as a youth icon and trendsetter in the world of sports. With Kohli’s endorsement and guidance, Agilitas Sports is poised to reach new heights of success, setting benchmarks for innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction in the Indian sports industry.

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