Reina has recently released a new work: “Breathe Slow.”

Reina Subramanian is an artist who is much more than just a musician. She has been active as a dancer, actor, and so much more, showcasing an impressive variety of skills in the entertainment industry.

Reina has recently dropped a new release, “Breathe Slow”. This song is special because it is incredibly catchy and dynamic yet also so personal and easy to relate to. It gives a deeper insight into Reina’s phenomenal creativity and one-of-a-kind musicianship. While Reina loves to make instantly fun and infectious music, “Breathe Slow” is an excellently produced track that also showcases a lot of artistic integrity.

Find out more about Reina, and check out her most recent studio release: “Breathe Slow”, which has released on December 2nd, 2022.

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