Touched by Audii: A Journey Through Grief with Frozen

The incredibly stirring song “Frozen” by Audii will speak to listeners experiencing loneliness and sorrow. The song got released on 3rd March 2023 under the artist’s all-time label partner Next Level Brand.

“Frozen” perfectly expresses Audii’s inner torment following a summer of disappointing news, failed relationships, and confessions. The song’s ethereal, ambient atmosphere is created by his compelling lyrics and production, which will transport the listener on an emotional journey. The song provides an open and emotional look into what it’s like to be stuck in the past and unable to go on, from the intro through the outro. That is the epitome of Audii’s ability to produce fascinating music. Everyone searching for a way to release their emotions should listen to Frozen.

A rising star from Indiana, Audii is one of the most talked-about musicians in the Midwest today. His distinctive wordplay and rapping technique have left a lasting influence on the music business and helped him establish a name for himself and his hometown.

Audii creates a distinctive and alluring sound by fusing melodic rap with modern R&B. He is a talented musician and a bright thinker who uses his intellect to produce music and lyrics that will endure. Audii is certain to significantly impact the music industry thanks to his diligence and commitment.

Listen on Spotify:

You can follow Audii on Instagram @audii.1 and website

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