WWE in Talks to Legalize Gambling on Matches in Colorado and Michigan

Wrestling entertainment company WWE is reportedly in talks with state gambling regulators in Colorado and Michigan to allow betting on wrestling matches, despite their scripted results. The company is working with accounting firm Ernst & Young (EY) to convince regulators that people can bet on wrestling matches like any other sports event. EY has previously worked with award shows such as the Academy Awards to keep results secret, allowing people to place bets on betting applications such as DraftKings.

However, the major obstacle for WWE to legalize gambling on matches is the scripted nature of wrestling matches. EY is attempting to convince regulators that there is no chance that results could leak to the public. WWE executives have proposed that results would be locked in months in advance, with wrestlers not being told the result until hours before they appear in the ring. The move could pave the way for gambling on television shows, such as characters dying in a series.

The Colorado Division of Gaming has said that it is not currently considering allowing gambling on WWE matches. Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Michigan stated that the board publishes a Sports Wagering Catalog, with information shared publicly once updates to the Catalog are approved. Even if approved, betting companies will have the final say on whether they want to place odds on WWE matches.

While many fans might be thrilled at the idea of betting on WWE matches, some may argue that the scripted nature of the matches removes the thrill of the unknown. Nonetheless, if betting on WWE matches is legalized, it would be interesting to see if fans are brave enough to bet against WWE champion Roman Reigns, who has been a dominant force in the wrestling entertainment industry.

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