The RV is Celebrating 200 Episodes

It has been one year and five months since we started.

The first episode, I was tense: I did not turn on my camera, neither did my guest. I introduced myself and read the script that I previously prepared and with a trembling voice, I started the interview, hoping that the guest would not realize how nervous I was.

In that moment, I became the total opposite of what I am on a daily basis. Usually, I am an extroverted person who has no fear when it comes to conversing with people, whether I know them or not. 

I published the first episode not recognizing the person that I was. It was a weird experience listening to my voice for the first time. 

The second guest came, then the third one, and by the time I interviewed the 20th guest, I was finally comfortable enough to crack some jokes and actually enjoy the experience. 

Fast forward to 200 episodes later, I have made many friends, I have learned so much from my guests and learned more about myself. 

I learned that if you don’t give up just because things are hard or uncomfortable, you will surprise yourself at how much you can accomplish. I learned that stepping out of your comfort zone is crucial to self-improvement. I learned that perfection does not exist, because perfection is subjective. You are your worst critic, and sometimes you need to just ignore your ego, because your ego doesn’t always know best. To quote the brilliant Mary Schmich, “Do one thing every day that scares you”. You just might succeed. 

We are wrapping up Season 2 and Season 3 is coming soon. I want to say thank you to my guests for joining me on this ride. I also want to give a big thank you to my listeners, for listening, following, and leaving reviews… The RV wouldn’t be what it is without you. 

Stay tuned and drive safe!

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Instagram: the_relatable_voice

Listen to episode 200 with the author Mandy Lemond.

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