The Top 10 Fastest Earning Hollywood Movies

New research has revealed the Hollywood movies with the highest earnings per minute, and Avatar comes out on top, making more than $17 million per minute, and $2.8 billion over a run time of 2 hours and 42 minutes.

The recent study by OLBG reveals worldwide earnings for each movie, before breaking this down further to find out the highest-earners per minute. So, which movies are making their millions the fastest?

RankMovieWorldwide Earnings RankWorldwide EarningsYear of ReleaseMinutesSecondsEarnings Per Minute
2Avengers: Endgame2$2,797,800,564201918110860$15,457,462
3Star Wars Ep. VII: The Force Awakens4$2,064,615,81720151368160$15,180,999
4Frozen II11$1,445,182,28020191036180$14,030,896
5The Lion King8$1,654,367,42520191187080$14,020,063
6Jurassic World7$1,669,979,96720151247440$13,467,580
7Avengers: Infinity War5$2,048,359,75420181569360$13,130,511
8Spider-Man: No Way Home6$1,889,766,05720211488880$12,768,690

🏆 Avatar is the highest earning movie per minute, making more than $17.5 million in that time. 

The research also revealed the following:

💰 Between them, the top 10 movies have grossed over $18bn in total worldwide earnings – that equates to an average of $14m a minute for each franchise. 

🕷 Four films from the Marvel cinematic universe – including Avengers: Endgame  – feature in the top 20 alone, with the franchise as a whole making $26.7bn worldwide

⭐️ Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope is one of the oldest films in the rankings having come out in 1977. The debut release from the Star Wars franchise makes more than $6 million per minute

🦁 The Lion King (2019) makes its $$$ quicker than any other Disney movie, taking 4.28 seconds to make $1 million. The 1994 animated version of the musical drama film ranks 14th in the study. 

🍿 Minions is the most valuable movie in the Despicable Me franchise – this ranks as the fastest earning franchise, making more than $9 million a minute.

To review all of the research click here.

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