The Real Brand – Podcast by Gaurav Gulati

Gaurav Gulati is a world-renowned leader in brand building and holds the impressive titles of “ Asia’s Leading Personal Branding & Engagement Consultant ” and “ Brand Awareness Guru ” Gulati is launching a new podcast series, “The Real Brand,” where he will dive deep into all things related to branding, including how to get started with the fundamentals and know-how of the branding industry, and ultimately building a stable and effective brand that is competitive, stands out, and leaves an impact.

Addressing all topics in both Hindi and English, Gulati will bring light to the more complicated and confusing aspects of the branding industry. With the goal of educating listeners on personal branding, brand awareness and brand building-related themes, Gulati’s unmatched, extensive knowledge of this area will be key in giving listeners the best information they could possibly receive regarding the branding industry.

Not only does Gulati shine independently in covering each of these topics, but he also puts a spotlight on the numerous guest speakers that are invited on the show. Listeners will be able to hear industry insights, brand building tips and tricks, and all other topics brand-related from top-level industry experts such as founders, CEOs and various other leaders in the branding industry. Tune in today to “The Real Brand” podcast by Gaurav Gulati, to start building your own brand with the help of a confident, knowledgeable and highly skilled veteran Personal Branding and Brand Awareness Expert that has already reached success.

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