The Healthspring Code

The key to living longer is not a secret! The answer lies in the eating habits of the populations of certain countries.

For years people have been wondering why particular countries produce more centenarians. Nations seen as having “longevity” have people with more active lives than those in the West and it all comes down to diet. 

It has now been proven that a seagan diet, which is vegan based and excludes meat, dairy, eggs, and animal by-products, but includes seafood, contains the right amount of acidity for our optimum blood pH level. Studies show that vitamins and minerals are vastly overlooked for their benefits, and without them our bodies compensate with drastic measures to keep us in balance.

Our eating habits are also linked to the big killers like cancer and MS. As proof that a seagan diet is the way forward, author Karl de Leeuw shows us how he was able to cure his asthma by changing his diet. For “The Healthsping Asthma Support Programme” signup and getting a free book please go to

Are you ready to join the Healthspring revolution?  For more information go to LLLNOW.INFO

Karl de Leeuw studied over many years with leading experts in the world in the subjects of dyslexia, alternative health, nutrition, and spiritual awakening. He is the author of three books : The Dyslexia Code, The Healthspring Code, The Universe Code.

Karl de Leeuw
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