May You BE Healthy

“May You BE Healthy” is a must-read book, for everybody who wants to drastically improve his/her health. In fact, it is a great book to own, because it is, as dubbed by its own author, Ravi Sahay, an owner’s manual of our body. As such, it should be used to create healthy habits in many areas of our lives: detoxing, eating, exercising, recharging, resting and so on.

In his books, Ravi Sahay exemplifies the power of lifestyle changes by using an integrative (holistic) approach in healing and prevention for chronic conditions. Ravi shares the wisdom in his book, May You BE Healthy: Well-being for Pennies a Day. Ancient Indian Ayurvedic wisdom as well as the recent rediscovery of microbiome empowered him on this vigorous journey.