The Art Of Dance Club Design

Clubbing has grown from the age of disco balls and boogie nights into a highly sophisticated international phenomenon, a unique social venue where the rich and famous can mingle with anyone hip and stylish enough to get in, no matter what walk of life they come from. A good club is a private world that connects to the street, but takes its visitors to a whole new dimension where music is the language and dance is the story it tells.

The style of clubgoers is always on the move and changes constantly, there is a new article written about the latest hot club dresses nearly every day of the week, and who was seen where and with who is plastered all over the pages of every gossip mag be it on paper or digital! But what about the clubs themselves? What elevates just a common dance floor into a magical universe of sensual freedom and sensational frolic? Let’s explore the elements of what makes a club great!

The first and most important thing a club designer must do is establish a style, and a catchy name that perfectly captures its elements. Every club must tell a story, from the entrance to the dance floor, to the bar, there has to be a cohesion that draws the club goer in and immerses them in the experience. One great example that springs to mind is Bedrock, a club that hearkens back to the old Flintstones cartoon, cleverly using it’s ‘modistonic’ aesthetic with everything fashioned to make it look like it’s made of stone, and massive cartoon dinosaurs painted on the walls! There are no limits except your imagination, and of course, the owner’s budget!

Once you have your theme set, you can break the club down to its essential pieces:

The Entrance – Although it may seem counter-intuitive, understatement is the key. Don’t make a big, flashy preview of the theme out there, just give them an enticing glimpse! You want your unsuspecting guests to walk through those doors and be blown away by the incredible interior, suddenly comprehending they have stepped into a different world!

The Dance Floor – This is the heart of every club, the people have come to dance and dance some more, so you need to have sturdy, slip-proof flooring that can withstand the pointiest stiletto heels (don’t ask us how people dance in those things, but they do!). It also has to be waterproof because drinks will spill. All the artistic elements are going to be on display from here, so make those walls shine, and drop decorations and light fixtures down from the ceiling, this is the place to go big, or go home!

The Lighting – This has got to rock and rock hard, you need to put on a light show that will rival the biggest concerts and illuminate your club to show off the decor and the dancers! Dreamy blue and green glows can be vitalized with sudden flashes of white spotlight lightning, and there should always be LED displays that pulse along in perfect time with the grooving tunes the DJ is laying down!

Designing a club is a very personal art form that’s made to please a crowd!

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