Sourav Ganguly Set to Boost Tripura Tourism as Brand Ambassador

Former Indian cricket team captain and ex-BCCI president Sourav Ganguly is set to become the brand ambassador for Tripura Tourism. The announcement was made by Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury, who expressed optimism about Ganguly’s influence contributing to the state’s efforts for sustainable development through tourism.

Sourav Ganguly is scheduled to visit Tripura on Monday, where a formal agreement with the Tripura Tourism Department will be signed at the historic Ujjayanta Palace. This collaboration is expected to enhance the state’s tourism initiatives and attract a wider audience to explore Tripura’s cultural and natural treasures.

As part of his commitment to promoting Tripura, Ganguly will shoot tourism promotional videos at iconic monuments within the state. The picturesque Chhabimura, featuring rock sculptures along the banks of the Gomti River, and the majestic Ujjayanta Palace, a symbol of the Manikya dynasty, will serve as the backdrop for these promotional materials.

Tourism Minister Sushanta Chowdhury highlighted the significance of Ganguly’s involvement, stating that the appointment as Tripura tourism’s brand ambassador is expected to positively impact the state’s pursuit of sustainable development through tourism. Ganguly’s popularity and influence are likely to draw attention to Tripura as an attractive destination for travelers seeking unique cultural experiences and natural beauty.

The choice of Sourav Ganguly as the face of Tripura tourism reflects a strategic move to leverage his popularity and credibility to boost tourism in the state. With a focus on sustainable development, the tourism sector in Tripura aims to strike a balance between attracting visitors and preserving the region’s rich cultural and environmental heritage.

Ganguly’s involvement is anticipated to create a positive image for Tripura as a tourist destination. Beyond the immediate economic impact, promoting tourism in the region is expected to generate employment opportunities and foster community development.

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