Startup Confidential

What is a Startup?

As far as I can tell, startups are pretty much the coolest thing in the world. A startup has the power to do so many different things! They can be used to solve problems, create new products, or even tell stories. The possibilities are endless! I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of startups before too. They’re commonly featured on social media, blogs, or news websites. You can even find them on websites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo! Basically if you’re familiar with any kind of platform that allows people to share their ideas with other people online then there’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled upon an awesome startup idea somewhere along the way too. And that’s just awesome because there are so many different types of startups out there for everyone to enjoy! But what exactly is a startup? Well…maybe it would be easier for me if I came up with my own definition first before trying to explain it using other definitions from various sources online…so yeah let’s do that instead shall we? So here goes nothing…ahem..”A startup is an innovative company which focuses on developing new business ventures.” And now onto some other definitions which try to explain what a startup really is: “Startup companies often focus on research and development or strategic partnerships.” – Wikipedia “Startup companies are typically newly founded organizations looking for capital investment in order to fund their operations. Starting a business requires an initial investment. This is the first time the business is available to the general public. It is also referred to as a bootstrapping process.” – Investopedia “A startup company, or start-up, is a small business that employs new technologies and innovations in order to develop solutions for current problems, or create new markets.” – Investopedia

What are startups used for?

So far I’ve only mentioned what startups are but not necessarily what they’re used for. That’s because there are so many different things that startups can be used for! Here’s just a few examples of how startups have been used in recent years: Have you ever heard of Airbnb? Airbnb was one of the most common ways people booked accommodations while traveling last year. Kickstarter has helped plenty of entrepreneurs fund their startup ideas too! Apps like Instagram allow you to share beautiful photographs with your friends and family around the world! And let’s not forget about Apple. Apple is definitely one of the most successful startups that have been around for a long time now. Other famous startups include Uber, Google, and Facebook. So as you can see there are plenty of examples out there which prove just how awesome startups really are! In fact, I’d say that they’re so awesome that I want to make a startup myself someday!

How much do startups cost?

I’m going to be honest with you guys right now…I know absolutely nothing about how much a startup costs to make or how it all works. But the good news is the Internet has plenty of sources which provide great information about this subject too! Let’s take a look at some examples from various sources online: “In terms of monetary investment, getting started with an idea will not require as much as similar businesses.” – Investopedia “The cost may start at around $500 USD for having your initial business plan written up and legal documents drafted.” – Buzzfeed “The costs vary depending on what type of product or service it is and also if it’s an app or web based company.” – Entrepreneur “To create and launch your own startup requires capital – usually in the form of cold hard cash – but sometimes in other forms such as sweat equity (or human capital) from entrepreneurs working for free” – Forbes According to these sources we can see that starting up a startup won’t necessarily cost you lots of money either.

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