PURPLE BRAND: Revolutionizing Luxury Denim with Innovation, Craftsmanship, and Comfort

In 2017, at the crossroads of industrial design, streetwear, and luxury fashion, PURPLE BRAND emerged to redefine men’s denim. Frustrated with the dichotomy of simplicity and complexity in contemporary men’s denim, a group of friends and industry veterans, including Luke Cosby and Rob Lo, embarked on a journey to create a collection that marries top-quality hardware, designer fits, and innovative details with accessibility.

The Problem and the Solution:

The founders identified a gap in the market, where high-end denim often carried hefty price tags without offering the desired innovation in fit, hardware, and washes. Determined to democratize quality denim, PURPLE spent years searching for the right production partners worldwide. The result? A product that boasts designer-level craftsmanship without the exorbitant price tag.

Crafting Luxury Basics:

PURPLE BRAND JEANS is a luxury denim apparel destination emphasising design, construction, and intricate details. The founders believe in the utility and versatility of denim and aim to elevate it to the same level as other luxury brands. Their philosophy revolves around creating staple pieces like jeans and T-shirts that feel good and become the most worn items in one’s wardrobe.

Global Craftsmanship:

Collaborating with craftsmen from generational factories in China and Italy, some of which have been in business for over a century, PURPLE ensures a wealth of expertise in their garments. This dedication to craftsmanship reinforces the brand’s commitment to providing a daily luxury experience through its products.

Continuous Innovation:

The brand’s relentless pursuit of new materials and designs keeps them at the forefront of the industry. By constantly pushing their comfort zones, the team at PURPLE seeks to make themselves consistently uncomfortable—a key principle in fostering business growth and staying ahead of trends.

Expansion Beyond Denim:

From denim, PURPLE ventured into other categories like jackets and hoodies. The expansion is driven by a dual purpose: addressing market gaps and introducing items that exude a sense of fun and excitement—a touch of “gangster.”

Engaging with the Denim Community:

Acknowledging the passionate and opinionated global denim community, PURPLE recognizes the diversity of preferences. They create denim that resonates with their belief, acknowledging that there’s something for everybody in the market. The brand remains true to its authentic approach, catering to a wide range of tastes.

The SoHo Experience:

With a sprawling 10,000-square-foot HQ in SoHo, New York, and plans for a store opening in March 2024, PURPLE BRAND goes beyond traditional retail. Their spaces serve as immersive experiences, doubling as social hubs where customers can engage with the brand’s ethos and preview upcoming collections.

E-Commerce Evolution:

Originally rooted in wholesale, PURPLE’s transition to a more balanced approach between wholesale and e-commerce reflects a strategic evolution. By expanding their online presence, the brand reaches a broader audience and establishes a direct connection with customers, telling their story and finding their unique voice.

Recommendations for New Consumers:

As the fashion landscape evolves, PURPLE recommends starting with their versatile 001 skinny jean in black. Contrary to the misconception about the demise of skinny jeans, PURPLE’s interpretation provides a modern and comfortable fit. Customers often graduate to the trendy full flare or opt for super-wide fits, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to staying attuned to current styles.

Official Website: www.purple-brand.com
Instagram: @purple_brand

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