Search interest for “LINKEDIN” has increased more than 172% in the last 10 years

StockApps.coms’ analysis shows that in May 2022, attracted close to 1.5 billion unique global visitors. In contrast that metric stood at 1.3 billion visitors in November 2021. In addition, the search interest for “LinkedIn” has increased by 172% in the last decade drawing hordes of users to the platform.

According to StockApps Financial analyst Edith Reads, “LinkedIn has become a staple for anyone who wants to build their brand. That reality is evident in the growing interest by professionals seeking to share skills and opportunities. In addition, its google search interest has grown to 79 from 29 ten years ago, underscoring the platform’s growing significance in connecting people.”

Unearthing LinkedIn demographics

LinkedIn has emerged as one of the most important places for marketers to get their messages out there. Therefore, brands need to establish a presence on LinkedIn to reach their target audience and build trust with potential customers.

Of those who use LinkedIn frequently, 40% access it daily (that’s over 1 billion interactions per month). But despite how much time people spend on this platform, they only spend an average of 17 minutes a month using it—which means you have even less time to make an impact! People just have to get creative with their strategy when using the platform. LinkedIn has powerful tools; if utilized well, one can make a  huge difference in their business. The full story and statistics can be found here: Search Interest for “LINKEDIN” Has Increased More Than 172% In the Last 10 Years

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