Rick Cutts – The Author of the Week

Welcome back to the Relatable Voice podcast! On today’s episode, we are on the road heading to Lakeland, Florida to speak to Rick. E. Cutts. Rick is an author and has recently published his first book entitled Strat.a.gem.

Rick E Cutts was born in 1978 in Chicago Illinois. He grew up in a creative household, and his parents always encouraged him to read and often presented puzzles or thought-provoking questions to make him think. That is where his passion for mysteries and trying to guess how a story ends started. Most of the time, he guesses the endings and wishes for more unpredictable endings. That same passion is what led Rick to write his own stories with plenty of twist and turns that have readers guessing all the way through!


Strat.a.gem Rick E Cutts is an intriguing title to an unusual book. The author, Rick E Cutts, has a remarkable talent for creating a short story with many plot twists and an unexpected ending. The story begins with a murder. The main characters, Rellik Nalp and Nosaer, see men dump a body. As they try to evade the murderers, they find themselves in strange and dangerous situations. How does the unlucky couple try to elude the men hunting them? Do they get away or do they get caught? Do they live or die?

This is a fast-paced, action-packed mystery thriller. Readers are immediately drawn into the story and cannot stop reading until the end. The title of the book perfectly describes the spirit of the plot as a scheme to outwit an opponent. The puzzle pieces on the cover art support the title and catch the eye of mystery lovers. Before opening the book, readers know this will challenge their deductive abilities. Mr. Cutts uses numerous literary devices such as anagrams, flashforwards, and flashbacks. Readers are treated to that AHA moment of understanding whenever necessary to fully enjoy the story. When the last page is turned, readers will want more.

Trying to guess what happens next is my favorite part of the book. The incredible pace of events leaves little time for the reader to really think of all the possibilities. Although I thoroughly enjoy the flashforwards and the flashbacks too. There is nothing I didn’t like about the book but the anagrams were fairly easy to decipher.

I gladly rate this book 3 out of 4 stars. Rick E Cutts has created a story where the people, places, and events are mysterious but in the end, everything is made known. Most characters are not well-developed and didn’t need to be. The main character, however, is developed enough for this novelette. There are just a few errors that did not detract from my enjoyment of the book. All in all, the author has written an excellent suspense thriller.

I enthusiastically recommend this book to everyone who enjoys intellectual puzzles and mysteries. There is no foul language or sexual content in this book. There is violence but it’s not graphic or gory. I think this book would make a fantastic movie for a PG-13 audience. Some of the subject matter is not suited for young children. Children over 13 and adults will most definitely enjoy this book. I look forward to more tales from Rick E Cutts.  By Jean Mtdb

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