Rashmika Mandanna Joins Hands with Bisk Farm as Brand Ambassador for RUSKIT

Bisk Farm, one of India’s fastest-growing FMCG brands, has proudly partnered with renowned actress Rashmika Mandanna as the Brand Ambassador for their ‘RUSKIT’ brand. The collaboration aims to leverage Rashmika’s charm and wide appeal to connect with consumers and reinforce Bisk Farm’s commitment to fun, freshness, and deliciousness.

Vijay Singh, Managing Director of Bisk Farm, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership, stating, “We are delighted to welcome Rashmika Mandanna to the Bisk Farm family as our Brand Ambassador. Her undeniable charm and widespread appeal perfectly embody the spirit of Bisk Farm – a brand synonymous with fun, freshness, and deliciousness. Her strong connection with the millennial audience makes her the perfect choice to represent our brand and further strengthen our presence in key markets. We look forward to an exciting journey with Rashmika as a key partner in shaping the narrative and engaging with consumers on a deeper level across the nation for substantial revenue growth.”

Rashmika Mandanna, a leading actress known for her versatile roles and popularity, shared her excitement about the association with Bisk Farm. She stated, “Bisk Farm is one of the fastest-growing FMCG brands in India, and their commitment to growth and innovation resonates deeply with me. I believe that this partnership will be a fruitful one, and I look forward to connecting with my fans through Bisk Farm’s delicious and wholesome products.”

The collaboration between Rashmika Mandanna and Bisk Farm signifies a strategic alignment between the actress’s appeal and the brand’s values. Bisk Farm, known for its commitment to quality and innovation, aims to tap into Rashmika’s connection with the millennial audience, making her the face of the RUSKIT brand.

With Rashmika Mandanna as the Brand Ambassador, Bisk Farm seeks to enhance its market presence and engage with consumers more profoundly. The actress’s association with the brand is expected to bring a fresh and vibrant perspective to Bisk Farm’s communication strategies, creating a synergy that resonates with the diverse consumer base across the nation.

As Bisk Farm continues to evolve as a prominent player in the FMCG sector, the partnership with Rashmika Mandanna is poised to contribute to the brand’s growth story, establishing a strong and relatable presence in the hearts and minds of consumers. Together, they embark on an exciting journey, blending entertainment and gastronomy, creating memorable experiences for consumers nationwide.

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