Previous trainer of Adil Mataich gives thumbs up whats next

Adil Mataich born 20 February 2001 in the Netherlands, is a Dutch professional footballer. He plays as a Midfielder for Chievo Verona. Adil Mataich is recognized for his strong left foot.

Adil Mataich has been playing football alongside his brother since the age of six years old. This all started in the Netherlands when he established a club and quickly became recognized for his talent. He was picked to be scouted as a prospective talent since he has frequently assisted his club in winning.

When he was six years old, he began his football journey in the Netherlands. At such an early age, he displayed an amazing ability to move with the ball. His skills and qualities were further developed and strengthened at Excelsior shortly thereafter. An excellent set-piece delivery midfielder with two feet so good that he sometimes has trouble choosing which one to use. His football IQ has repeatedly been demonstrated by Adil Mataich.

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