Newly launch brand, LUXINOUS, brings the healing power of smudging to the masses

(Mebane, NC) June 11, 2020: When you hear the term smudging what comes to mind? Perhaps an indigenous tradition used to open ceremonies and to heal. Maybe you’ve never heard of the smudging. For Karema Mcghee, smudging is a modern practice rooted in ancient tradition and one that she is committed to popularizing and educating people about. In her quest to teach people about smudging, she has recently re-launched her online store, LUXINOUS. 

Smudging is traditionally a ceremony for purifying or cleansing the soul or a space of negative thoughts about a person or a place. Smudging involves the slow burning of sacred herbs, much like burning incense. The smoke created by the burning is then bathed over the body or throughout a room in order to cleanse. While there are several stereotypes about who uses smudging, it is a tradition rooted in several cultures and religious practices.

LUXINOUS, a brand devoted to healing, self care and natural medicine, offers three smudge bundles. The most traditional and popular or which is the white sage bundle. Along with white sage, are the beautifully aromatic Juniper, which was famously mentioned in the old testament as the herbal protection that protected the prophet Elijah from the charm of Queen Jezebel’s pursuit. Another popular smudge bundle offered by LUXINOUS, is Mugwort, which is renowned for it subtle, sweet scent that calms and induces dreams. For those who find the scent of the smudge bundles a little too intense, LUXINOUS also offers sustainably harvested Palo Santo, also known as holy wood. The healing properties are similar to smudging, but with a lighter and more subtle fragrance. 

“My mission is to modernize and popularize the practice of smudging.” explains Karema Mcghee, founder of LUXINOUS “Some people think that smudging or burning incense must involve a complex and religious ceremony. That just isn’t true. We encourage clients to enjoy the healing scents during everyday activities including meditating, doing yoga, practicing mindfulness techniques or even when preparing whole, healthy foods.”

For those not accustomed to burning smudge bundles, but who still want to fill a room with healing fragrances, LUXINOUS also offers long-lasting candles made with frankincense, myrrh, patchouli, ho-wood, sandalwood and lemon grass.

The new LUXINOUS site is modern, user friendly and describes the various healing benefits of each item. LUXINOUS has a passionate fan base and ships items to clients and fans throughout the U.S. 

For more information about healing smudging and incense, or to order from the newly launched, modern website, please visit

For more information, or to arrange an interview, please contact:
Karema Mcghee

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