Mooncult is back with a new release: “Leave Me Here.”

Mooncult is a Brooklyn-based band focusing on channeling the gritty edge of post-punk and the ethereal sounds of shoegaze and new-wave while incorporating a catchy take on melody into their formula.

The band has announced a new release titled “Leave Me Here.” The sound of this new studio work channels the urgency of the group’s formula. Still, it also showcases the band’s more nuanced and melodic side. Mooncult has developed a bittersweet sonic formula, which feels as spontaneous and direct as some of the best post-punk and alternative music from the golden age of the scene.

“Leave Me Here” is all about prioritizing your well-being and not settling for anything less. By allowing ourselves to fully experience our emotions, we can transform disappointment into empowerment and liberation.

Look out for “Leave Me Here” on June 11th, available on all major streaming platforms. Find out more about Mooncult and check out “Leave Me Here” on your favorite streaming platforms.

You can connect with Mooncult on Instagram @mooncultofficial, website and Linktr @MOONCULT

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