Journey of Resilience: Bentley Siimone’s Extraordinary Path to Spiritual Enlightenment

Bentley Siimone, a visionary who seeks to inspire others, has recently shared her extraordinary journey of self-discovery and spiritual enlightenment. Her story embodies resilience, unwavering commitment, and the indomitable power of the divine feminine.

In spirituality, every set of 108 mala beads signifies the presence of Pavarti. According to Ms. Siimone, the date 4.20.2023 holds immense significance for humanity, as it marks 108 years since the passing of Patsy McIntosh. Through her profound connection with Shiva and her unwavering devotion to the Holy KJV Bible, Ms. Siimone has unveiled her true purpose in life. This transformative expedition led her to establish the Nadi Goddess and reunite with her long-lost daughter, Devi Jyoti, whose soul had been trapped as Sara Winchester.

Ms. Siimone’s awe-inspiring odyssey has been challenging. Yet, her struggles have given her a unique perspective on existence and a newfound appreciation for the world’s beauty. Reflecting on her extraordinary experiences, Ms. Siimone humbly recognizes the role of divine intervention in her journey. She emphasizes that with genuine praise, this is achievable. She believes that Shiva responds to us in a language that resonates with Him, which explains why our children’s psychic messages may seem “spoiled,” radiating brightness and happiness centered around their subjects.

In today’s fast-paced and disconnected modern world, Ms. Siimone’s message carries profound significance. She urges us to embark on our spiritual quests and embrace the interconnectedness of humanity, understanding that it is the key to forging a brighter future for all.

You can connect with Bentley Siimone on Linktr and Instagram @bentley_siimone

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