Just A Story – Some Distant Memory

Some music can transport you to other places and points on the map. But the most imaginative music makers create worlds for their sonic creations to exist and thrive in and then give you songs that slowly enable you to unlock those alternative realities.

Some Distant Memory, originating from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, is an intriguing band who do this, and their latest music project is called Just A Story. Affiliated with Nors and the Nors Updates video channel, this project showcases animated bandmates, including the delightful mascot Nora, and versions of a character created explicitly for the Sunrise Syndrome Music video.

In some respects, as Sunrise Syndrome proved, Some Distant Memory makes music that sits somewhere between reality and imagined worlds, between song and games sonics, between 8-bit angularity and a more eloquent electronic form of expression.

The highly anticipated release of Just A Story is scheduled for this month. The music within this project showcases a captivating blend of animated electronic sounds, offering a unique sonic arrangement that perfectly summates the distinctive and wonderfully off-kilter style of Some Distant Memory.

You can visit the website norsgate.carrd.co/ and listen it on Youtube – Sunrise Syndrome

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