4 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Lawyer

Managing a business is a multifaceted process that can be overwhelming. Working with attorneys is crucial, whether you run a business alone or with other associates. A good lawyer can protect your company from liability, debt, and unwanted legal actions. Some business entities require you to conform to state laws governing your company structure. Limited liability companies (LLCs), for instance, often have to file articles of organization. Not obeying state laws can result in losing the benefits and protection. An experienced professional will help protect your brand from various risks. Although working with attorneys is an upfront investment, it can provide both short and long-term advantages. Here are some reasons to get a good lawyer for your business.

1. Tax liability

Tax liability can be expensive without the help of a business lawyer. Different business forms have different tax benefits and disadvantages. Selecting the appropriate business formation is crucial when you are starting a new company. Tax lawyers can help assess your liability and obtain a tax ID (employer identification number) from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), saving you time, money, and stress. Personal liability is another huge factor that puts everything you own at risk if you don’t work with an experienced lawyer. Business attorneys can lessen your liability and ensure you know the ins and outs of business laws.

2. Understanding capital and financially related matters

Most business owners have to raise capital to get their companies off the ground. They also have to manage records of revenue and distributions and follow the best financial practices. However, all these responsibilities can be too much to handle. Therefore, you must consider hiring a business formation lawyer to help understand capital and other financially related matters. The ideas from an attorney can provide valuable resources to formulate an optimal business plan that defines your business goals and needs to potential investors. White-collar criminal defense attorneys, like an embezzlement lawyer, can mount a strong defense if you face charges for financial offenses. The complex nature of these legal issues makes it vital for business owners who are targeted for investigations.

Image Credit: Pexels

3. Contracts and legal agreements

Another way hiring a lawyer can support your business is by ensuring that all your contracts and legal agreements are airtight. Many small business owners don’t understand the essence of solid contracts until it’s too late. Agreements that are vague, incomplete, and lack legal backing can expose you to associates and contractors on a mission to take advantage of your naivety. Working with an attorney is a reliable way to counteract such risks and avoid costly oversights.

4. Fast-tracking payments

Believe it or not, having a business lawyer can make it easier for your business to get paid. For example, when you have your lawyer make a formal request to a vendor or client who owes you money, you can motivate them to take immediate action to pay your business. A good lawyer knows what steps to take to recover the money you are owed if a partner or associate keeps dragging their feet on the matter.

Managing a business comes with several potential legal pitfalls, so make sure you work with professional attorneys to reduce the hassle.

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