How to trust your intuition?

Do you know the difference between the voice of innate Wisdom and abject Fear? 

These are two very distinct voices that speak to us constantly and depending on which voice we listen to determines our outlook, outcomes, and actions in our daily lives.

Listening to our Intuition (innate Wisdom) voice gives us the ability to make decisions independent of a reasonable process; meaning, our intuition knows information beyond the senses of logical thinking. On the other hand, when we listen to Fear, we accept information that is often irrational, baseless in fact, and perhaps illogical.

Your mind is an obedient servant. It follows repetitive patterns and behaviors regardless of if you’ve achieved the results you desire. If you refuse to expand outside of your comfort zone then avoiding change may be a good thing until it isn’t because your spirit will feel deprived of its highest potential. 

The spiritual light that dwells in your heart has an inherentdesire to shine. But the voice of fear is often paralyzing and may detour you from awakening to your Divine gifts. One of those gifts is knowing you are a powerful co-creator of your life. 

Trust, Listen, Tap In

If you truly want to reach your highest potential, there are three keys to listening to your intuition:

• Learning how to trust your intuition occurs over time. It’s a gradual process of discovery and consciousness and of knowing that certain behaviors and emotions are dependable. But it’s through this awareness and reflectionthat you become familiar with how your intuition is guiding your path in life. 

• After you’ve masted the art of listening to your intuition, the next step is listening. This can be the most challenging part of the process, but it is required when taking a leap of faith.Not only is it vial to listen and follow your intuition when it comes to your private life, but it’s also vital in your professional world when it comes to making the best business decisions concerning your future. 

• Then tap into your intuition, whether it’s relationships, health issues, or major life decisions. Tapping into your intuition is the key that can unlock the solid foundation among your body, mind, and soul. And when you apply your intuitive skills in business, you become a master of knowing who to do business with, and more importantly, who NOT to do business with. This is one instance in which listening to your intuition can save you time, energy and money in the long run. 

Depending on your needs and desires, business success relies heavily on inviting the right people into your life. The right people who align with your values and mission. These key players directly contribute to your inner and outer success. After all, we become like-minded with the individuals we are surrounded by.  

So how do you know if you’re making the ‘best” choices concerning life and business questions?  

The first step is to pay attention and trust your initial gut instinct. Make a mental note or write down your observations and feelings. Do this without letting your mind control the process. The power of your mind can either make or break an opportunity before it can fully manifest and reveal the truth to you. 

Secondly, listen to your body. What message(s) is it trying to convey? The body is a wise vehicle that houses your soul and will provide “signs” on whether you should continue moving forward. Note how your body reacts during situations when youfeel safe verses when you’re fearful. Pay attention. Are you queasy? Restless? Filled with doubt? Or are you relaxed, joyful, confident? This is all valuable data you can review to help decide whether you need more information or communication regarding this experience.  

Finally, by understanding your body’s subliminal messages you can make better, long-lasting, decisions. Accurately reading your “body” is an art form and no two people are alike. But with enough practice and dedication you can hone your intuition. Keep practicing, trusting, listening, and tapping into your innate Wisdom. When you do, you’ll be navigating through life like a sleek sailboat under a full sail making important decisions and minor corrections with ease and grace. By Angela Lenhardt

For information about how to best listen to your intuition, contact Angela Lenhardt at Instagram:@angelalenhardt 

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