How Okay Mental Is Changing Lives Across The World

When we hear the words ‘character strength,’ we instantly think of qualities like bravery, leadership, resilience, and unflappability.

It might surprise you to know that humility is increasingly looked upon by psychologists as an essential trait for anyone wanting to live a life of physiological and psychological balance and well-being.

Okay Sage the founder of Okay Mental shares why humility may be your most underrated superpower

Clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University, Everett Worthington, describes temperance as “moderation in action, thoughts, or feelings.” According to Worthington, humility, combined with forgiveness and patience, can help build this moderation.

He shares that with sayings as simple as “clear eyes, slow down & stay okay” one is able to persevere through some of the upmost intense mental battles. In our brief time with founder Okay Sage we feel confident in his brands mission and abilities. Okay Mental is, has and will continue to change lives across the world.

To know more about Okay Sage, you can visit the website and Instagram.

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