Dead Summer – Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix

Dead Summer is a mini-album that should never be taken at face value. The skill of the two artists who collaborated on it, Levi Zadoff and Dead Hendrix, is undeniable. It is difficult to know when they are looking you straight in the eye and delivering profound lyrical messages and when they do so with a wicked glint in the eye and their tongue firmly in their cheek.

The perfect example of this is the kick-off track, Don’t Think It Could Get Much Better, which, depending on how you take it, is the ultimate celebration song and life-affirming anthem or a thinly veiled statement on life kicking you in the teeth. I suggest it is the latter.

From there, they take a pop-punk-based ride through thoughts of loneliness (Alone), how much control you can have on your own life (Can’t Be God), young love (Love Games), and thoughts back to when relationships were just less complicated (Teenage Dirtbag…no, not that one, another one.)

Dead Summer is an excellent collaboration between two artists who are great separately but, when working together for a common musical goal, are unstoppable.

Listen on Spotify:

To know more about Levi Zadoff, you can connect on Instagram @levizadoff or the website.

To know more about Dead Hendrix, you can connect on Instagram @talk2thedead and Twitter @talk2thedeadd.

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