Black Friday: How to prepare for the biggest discounts of the year

Black Friday is the best day of the year, an unrealistic fun for any rational person who knows how to count his money. A global sale in which almost all large and small retail chains and stores in the world participate. Now we will tell you how to live Black Friday to the fullest and get the most out of this event.

It is easy to guess that all the delights of the sale can be fully felt where it originates. Black Friday in the US is not just a day of big discounts, it is a grand event. In fact, the sale is perceived as a real holiday, albeit unofficial. Millions of people take time off from work to spend their savings on right or not so necessary goods sold at huge discounts.

Many sellers, however, are not limited to just one day of total discounts. The sale in individual retail chains and stores can begin before Friday and run all weekend until Monday. But even this shopping holiday does not end there, because Black Friday is being replaced by Cyber Monday, during which people who have not quenched their consumer thirst can continue to buy online.

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are only the beginning of the Christmas sales season in the US, but it is on the first days that sellers save up the most profitable discount offers. Discount aggregators and coupon services such as Discountler will help to somehow facilitate manual monitoring of profitable offers. On these sites you can find a list of promos of the largest American retail chains and stores.

1. Budget planning

It is better to save money for Black Friday in advance. This will allow, firstly, to buy the most necessary goods without compromising the family budget. Secondly, it will help to plan future purchases well based on the amount of savings and the need for this or that thing.

The scariest thing is jumping into the pool of discounts without a clear budget. Rush distorts the assessment of available funds and justification of the cost of goods, and the value of rash purchases can be extremely doubtful.

2. Shopping list

It makes no sense to immediately line up the desired purchases in some order. During brainstorming you will remember more things you forgot about them.

Now that all items are listed, you can start sorting. It is reasonable to put the most necessary things at the top of the list. Items with the highest priority can be bought even if there is no big discount, coupon or promo code. Next come the less necessary things that it is advisable to take only with a big discount.

Whichever way you sort the list, having a shopping plan will help you during a sale. Everything happens very quickly, and in the turmoil you can easily get confused or forget to buy some important thing.

3. Which American stores to buy

In large ones. It is the large retail chains and sites that delight customers more than others with very attractive discounts and offers. First of all, you need to look at Amazon and eBay, but almost all online stores will offer sales.

4. How to keep track of discounts

Unfortunately, there are no superpowers. The fact is that most of stores do not specify upcoming discounts and special offers. Moreover, often the sellers do not know what discounts and for what goods will be valid in an hour or in five minutes. Retail network managers are guided by the behavior of buyers and adjust offers based on consumer activity.

The first rule of Black Friday shopping is: “Don’t miss the best offer!”. You see a worthwhile offer – buy now. In a minute, the product may end, or the discount will be canceled on it.

5. Exploration and preparation for purchases

Due to the huge range of large retail chains and sites, the future buyer may have problems with navigation. When you first visit the sites of popular stores and networks, you will see an interface loaded with functions, which takes time to master.

A short plan to prepare for Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Plan a budget.

Make a shopping list.

Make a list of discount aggregator services.

Choose interesting stores, study their interface, register.

Look forward to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Start buying!

Visit the stores you are interested in in advance, register, study the structure of catalogs, set up search filters to make purchases as quickly as possible on the day of sales. Happy shopping!

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