Winter from aespa Takes the Fashion World by Storm as Polo Ralph Lauren’s Global Brand Ambassador

In a groundbreaking move, Winter from the K-pop girl group aespa has been named the global brand ambassador for the renowned fashion brand Polo Ralph Lauren. This announcement marks Winter as the first member of aespa to receive a solo brand ambassadorship, catapulting her into the forefront of the fashion industry.

The official unveiling took place on November 20, as Polo Ralph Lauren proudly welcomed Winter as the face of their brand. The fashion house released captivating images of the K-pop sensation adorned in the Fall and Holiday collections for 2023. Winter’s collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren has been highly anticipated by fans, especially since she graced the cover of a leading magazine in April 2023, showcasing the American luxury brand.

Posing for the label’s campaign images, Winter effortlessly radiated elegance and glamour in Polo Ralph Lauren’s chic ensembles and accessories. The aespa official Instagram account shared these stunning visuals, accompanied by the caption, “aespa’s Winter appointed as the official ambassador for Polo Ralph Lauren.”

In addition to her role as the newest brand ambassador, Winter has been making waves with the release of the single “NOBODY,” a collaboration with (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon and IVE’s Liz. Launched on November 16, the track has garnered praise for its outstanding vocals and captivating visuals, further solidifying Winter’s status as a multifaceted artist.

On the occasion of aespa’s third debut anniversary on November 17, the group continues to make significant strides in the K-pop industry. Since their debut with “Black Mamba,” members Karina, Winter, Giselle, and Ningning have become prominent figures known for their versatile music genres encompassing pop, rock, and hyperpop. Notably, aespa is celebrated not only for their musical prowess but also for their unique avatars, incorporating the metaverse concept.

Adding to their list of achievements, aespa’s latest mini-album, “Drama,” has been dominating charts in China. The group has reached a historic milestone by becoming the first female K-pop band in the history of the Hanteo Chart (South Korean music chart system) to sell over 1 million copies of three different albums, namely “Drama,” “MY WORLD,” and “Girls,” within the first week of their respective releases. As aespa continues to redefine the K-pop landscape, Winter’s collaboration with Polo Ralph Lauren serves as a testament to her rising influence in the realms of both music and fashion.

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