What To Do If You Get Earache

Earache is a condition that can come on rapidly. One minute, you feel okay, the next, you’re clutching your head and reaching for the painkillers. 

Unfortunately, earache is a little different from a cold. It’s usually a sign of a problem that won’t go away by itself (although some ear aches do resolve). 

If you get an earache, you can try some at-home remedies, but it is usually better to go to urgent care

Home Care Options For Earache

Image Credit: Unsplash

Here are some of the home care options for earache you can try before seeking professional attention. 

Take A Pain Killer

One option is to take a suitable painkiller. Pills can numb the pain and give you a few hours where you can forget about the problem to see if it disappears. Sometimes the pain will fade naturally by itself and you’ll be able to get on with the rest of your day. 

Chew Gum

You can also try chewing gum. The act of swallowing can unlock pressure in the middle ear, making you feel more comfortable, particularly if you’ve just been on a flight, underwater, or close to a source of changing pressure. 

Heating Pad

You can also get earache from inflammation in the middle ear. As such, it can help to hold a hot pad on it for a few minutes to see if you get any relief. Inflammation is usually because of an infection, but it can also result from injury or head trauma. 

Over-The-Counter Ear Drops

Finally, you might want to try over-the-counter ear drops. These are great for dislodging any stubborn ear wax in the ear that is causing you trouble. 

However, you shouldn’t use these drops if you think you have a perforated eardrum. They can cause further inflammation and worsen infections if they get into the ear. 

When To Call The Doctor

While home remedies sometimes work, most ear aches require professional attention, unfortunately. Therefore, you’ll want to seek professional attention if symptoms are severe or don’t clear up within a couple of days. 

Make sure you get medical help if you notice fluids or pus oozing from your ears. This symptom indicates an infection in the middle ear. 

You should also get help if you have a fever or feel dizzy. Again, these indicate an infection and suggest you need antibiotics and other treatments rapidly. 

If you have had severe pain in your ear that suddenly stops, it could mean that your eardrum has broken. When the tissue fails (because of injury, pressure, earwax buildup, or mechanical prodding) it can cause relief but also opens up a host of new problems. 

Once you go to the doctor, you can find out what’s actually wrong with your ears and how you can fix them. In most cases, the issue is infection, but it can be a number of things, including pressure problems after a flight and earwax buildup. Thankfully, virtually all earache-related issues are fixable with antibiotics or simple procedures at the audiologist. 

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